7 tips on how to choose your wedding dress

StyLe W412 - Alexia Designs
Style W412 – Alexia Designs

Know which style of dress suits your shape.

Analyse your shape and see which type of gown would suit your figure. For example, if you are a pear shape something with extra detail on the upper part of the dress will ensure the body shape looks balanced.


Make a few appointments.

Make appointments with bridal shops in plenty of advance. Dresses can sometimes take several weeks to arrive so it is good to be prepared.


Be open to ideas.

You may have an idea of the perfect dress but when you try it on it may not be ideal. Brides have been know to try something on that they would never dream of and have fallen in love with the dress.


Don’t rush.

Don’t rush into making a decision about your wedding dress there is thousands of different designs out there don’t just choose the first one you see.


Ask for someone’s opinion.

It is sometimes helpful to get advice from a professional stylist they will know what suits different shapes. Your bridal shop assistant will most certainly be able to help.


Round up your maids for advice.

Your bridesmaids will be used to the way you dress, they will know what you look great in and will act as another pair of eyes. Your mum may also be able to help as they are generally not afraid of speaking the truth.


Consider the location of your wedding.

If you are getting married on a sunny beach it may not be appropriate to wear some styles.  If you know are you are getting married you can think


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