Aura Sweets

Aura Sweets

We at Aura Sweets are a crystal candy business infusing fruity & sour flavours based on British-Caribbean culture. Vegan and Gluten-free goodness with a tropical twist.

I’m a mother and creative born and raised in London, living with my family and my 4-year old daughter. After discovering the viral crystal candies online, I could only seem to find brands in America which were overpriced and very few options within the UK. So I decided to make my own! After several attempts of trial and error in the kitchen, I came across my own recipes, inspired by my favourite flavours growing up in a traditional British-Caribbean fusion household. From that day on AuraSweets was born!

Crystal candy, originally known as ‘Kohakutou’ is a traditional Japanese candy. This translates to ‘Amber candy’ because of the beautiful crystallisation process, as they form a hard crust on the outside with a sweet jelly center.


Sweet Treats, Candy Buffets & Candy Carts



Exhibiting At

ExCeL London – Stand: C5

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