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Find the perfect bridal shoes

Bridal shoes can often be an afterthought for brides (it’s all about the dress, right?!). But it’s important to remember how much of an impact your footwear can have on your big day.

You’ll be spending plenty of time on your feet, from nervously pacing your way through the morning to sashaying down the aisle and doing the rounds of your wedding guests… and that’s all before your evening reception even gets going!

So it’s important to choose wedding shoes that will be comfortable and practical, as well as unquestionably stylish and reflective of your personality. Your wedding footwear also needs to complement your dress, so remember to try them on at a fitting and ensure you’re happy with the way your dress falls and how you feel walking and standing in the whole ensemble.

Our bridal shoe suppliers at The National Wedding Show are experts in their field. They know all about creating stunning occasion shoes that will last long after the big day is over. It’s another great reason to make an investment in your bridal shoes – they’re much easier to wear for special occasions in the future to remind you of your big day… unlike your wedding dress!

Get started on finding your perfect bridal shoes with our handy guide, designed to help you consider every aspect of your footwear from heel heights and styles to straps, insoles and linings.


Find your perfect bridal shoes at The National Wedding Show

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