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Look and feel your best on your big day

Being the centre of attention on your wedding day and having your own personal photographer following you round capturing every angle means of course you want to look you best.

You want to feel fabulous on the inside too, so looking after your health and fitness in the lead up to your wedding is essential. This can include everything from choosing the best vitamin supplements to support your skin, hair and nails to managing your weight and any potential gains on the scales caused by stress (find out more about the science behind stress weight gain and loss on our blog).

There are some easy wins too, such as making sure you incorporate drinking plenty of water into your routine and wearing sunscreen every day. In fact, you can start looking after the health of your skin well in advance by developing a good regime at home or considering procedures with experienced clinicians. Our week-by-week breakdown for wedding skin preparation gives you plenty of ideas on where to start.

Don’t forget to think about your oral health too. Speak to one of our dentistry exhibitors about your pearly whites to ensure they’re in tip top condition for every click of the camera.


Look and feel your best on your big day

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