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Find the perfect ring

Your wedding ring is something you’ll look at every day for the rest of your life, so it’s important to ensure you choose the right jewellery for your special day and beyond.

But where to begin? With wedding rings there’s so much to consider including what type of metal you prefer and whether or not you’d like your partner’s to match. Perhaps you’re thinking of incorporating precious diamonds from a family heirloom into bespoke jewellery or would like to find more unusual pieces?

Our jewellery and wedding ring specialists at The National Wedding Show are here to offer advice. answer all of your questions and help you to navigate the options. And we’ve created a guide encompassing six things nobody told you about buying wedding rings to put you on the right track.

Peruse beautiful engagement rings and try on necklaces, pendants, chains, bracelets and bangles to wear on your wedding day that will perfectly complement your outfits. You can also speak to designers and work with them to create your own custom, original pieces that will be truly unique to you – or find out more about participating in a Make Your Own Wedding Ring class for an added special touch.


Find your perfect ring

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