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Add a touch of magic to your day

Say abracadabra and wave goodbye to the worry of a lull in proceedings on your wedding day – when you hire a magician!

For little kids and big kids alike, magicians truly are an enchanting addition to any wedding when it comes to keeping your guests entertained. There are plenty of different types of magic to choose from too, including sleight of hand, mind reading, hypnosis and close-up magic – plus you could choose a table-hopping conjurer or a more cabaret-style performance to a larger audience.

Magicians and their tricks are a fantastic talking point, meaning your guests will be able to mingle, get to know each other and have something in common to talk about – all of which can contribute to the party atmosphere. Plus if you’re going for a Harry Potter-themed wedding it’s an absolute no-brainer!

Our handy guide summarises five things to be aware of when booking a magician for your wedding and is a great place to start when thinking about this type of entertainment.

We’ve conjured up a whole host of magicians to join us at The National Wedding Show, so come along and meet them to find the perfect entertainer for your big day.


Add a touch of magic to your day

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