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Put together your perfect suit

While the bride’s dress is one of the main talking points on your wedding day, there’s no reason that menswear should take a backseat.

For the dapper groom this is a real chance to stand out in your wedding suit and bring some serious personality to the table. No matter whether you’re a tops and tails kinda guy, you dream of sauntering down the aisle in a tux à la James Bond, or you’re after more contemporary apparel, our specialist tailors at The National Wedding Show have got the threads for you.

There are plenty of opportunities at the show to talk to menswear experts about putting together the perfect suit. You could choose to hire two or three piece suits for yourself and your groomsmen, or discuss purchasing bespoke options that will enable you to choose the perfect materials and hues to suit your colour scheme.

Other details to be discussed include what type of suit will be best for your wedding destination and theme – swaddling yourself in a woollen three-piece suit for your beach nuptials is a big no-no, so chat to our tailors to ensure you achieve comfort and style on your big day.

If you want to arrive at the show even more prepared you’ll love our blog that covers some of the most frequently asked questions by grooms, all answered by a tailor.


Put together your perfect suit

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