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Meet the mobile bar hire specialists

If you’re dry-hiring a wedding venue or hosting more of a DIY-affair for your nuptials then mobile bar hire will become your new best friend.

Mobile bar hire has become increasingly popular in recent years, which is great news for brides and grooms-to-be as it means there’s plenty of choice available: from modern stylish designs to countryside chic horsebox bars.

To get you started we’ve collated a comprehensive guide to the top things to consider when it comes to choosing which bar you’d like for your wedding. It’s particularly important to decide whether you’re planning to foot the bill as part of your budget or are planning to offer guests a subsidised service. Then there’s staff and glass hire to think about too.

You may also want to consider requests for specialist tipples, particularly if you’d like something that fits with a theme or complements the time of year.

Delve further into your research at The National Wedding Show where our mobile bar hire gurus will be delighted to chat to you about all the options that are available. Some operators may even be able to offer you a discount if you book your bar on the day, so make sure you come prepared!


Meet the mobile bar hire specialists

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