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Set the perfect tone for your wedding

Music is the food of love, so what better way to set the tone for your wedding day and evoke memories than by incorporating live musical performance?

There are plenty of opportunities to turn your day into a musical journey by adding your own soundtrack to each element.

Consider a guitarist to set the mood as guests arrive before performing an acoustic version of your chosen song to accompany your walk down the aisle. Then set post-ceremony drinks to the classy sounds of a string quartet, jazz saxophonist or even singing waiters, before rocking your evening reception with a top of the line party band or lively cèilidh.

Many wedding bands also offer the option of learning your first dance song, so you can experience your first sway around the dancefloor as newlyweds to a live version of your favourite track.

You could even turn your evening reception into your own ‘after party’ by booking a new wave of wedding DJ complete with live brass and percussion accompaniment, extravagant lighting displays and stunning video effects.

Many of our musical performance exhibitors can offer a variety of ensembles and DJ services, so you can book wedding bands and DJs to suit the feel of your venue, the available space and your budget.


Set the perfect tone for your wedding

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