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Save money with these online services and apps...

Online services and apps can help to streamline your wedding planning and manage costs as well as giving you access to special offers and discounts.

Wedify is one of the best places to start. It offers engaged couples instant wedding savings simply by signing up to their membership club, as well as giving you access to wedding show tickets, endless inspiration and unique ideas.

Other Wedify perks include a Confetti magazine subscription, holiday vouchers for honeymoons, savings on venue hire, wedding dresses and photography plus other exclusive savings and secret deals.

Other online services and apps to keep an eye out for at The National Wedding Show include gift list websites and wedding website builders, while online wedding planners will help to make you a super savvy bride.

These great digital tools can also help to alleviate costs if you can’t afford a dedicated wedding planner and help you to communicate with your guests by giving them access to all the information they need without worrying about losing paper invitations.


Save money by using online services and apps

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