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For the perfect momentos of your big day, hire a photo booth!

Photo booths laden with comedy props at weddings are an absolute no-brainer when it comes to injecting an element of fun into your big day.

They provide a fantastic way to bring people together with a large dose of hilarity on the side… when else will you see your uncle draped in a feather boa while your grandma dons a clown wig?! Photo booths bring people together, adding another sociable element to the day and an activity that will fill in any potential lull in proceedings.

Plus everyone gets to take home a memento when their pictures print out. You could even opt to add duplicates into your package and make a scrapbook of truly priceless memories.

Some couples even opt to hire a photo booth in place of wedding favours, meaning that guests get to take home something personal to them as a nostalgic reminder of how much fun they had on the day.

We could go on about how great photo booths are at weddings, and our suppliers at The National Wedding Show would agree… but in case you’re not quite convinced we decided to put together this handy guide outlining nine reasons to hire a photo booth for your wedding.


For the perfect momentos of your big day, hire a photo booth!

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