The wedding cake has to be one of the more enjoyable parts of wedding planning, but that doesn’t mean that choosing the perfect design for your big day cant become stressful! TNWS supplier Asha founder of Oh So Delicious Cakes by Asha gives us her top tips to help make choosing your wedding cake that bit easier so you can have a less stressful experience and instead you can focus on looking forward to the delicious cake tasting!


The ‘Bride’ …’dress’ …and ‘cake’ (sorry Grooms to be) are the main three things at a wedding that are most likely to be admired by your guests!

So how can you be sure that you are choosing the right Cake Designer?

The following key points should hopefully make you feel more reassured that you have made the right choice when it comes to booking your wedding cake:


Always arrange for a tasting with your cake supplier (the meeting couples look forward to the most!) . The cake you sample will be a good indication of cake quality you will be serving your guests.

Feel free to ask your supplier how far in advance they will be baking your cake and how long it will keep for – there is nothing worse than a dry cake!

A great cake supplier will leave baking until the last possible moment to ensure your cake is as fresh as possible without compromising the taste.

Ask as many questions ask possible with regards to your cake in this session – you will then gain a better understanding of their ability.


Choose a Reputable & Trustworthy Cake Designer

Do you research; have a look at their social media pages and most importantly the reviews that are given to them – these are real brides that have worked closely together with their designer.

Trust is an incremental part of your wedding planning and this should be extending to your cake designer – you need to feel assured that they will work well with you & will go above and beyond your expectations on your wedding day.

Styles & Impact

Once your venue is booked and you have an idea of themes and colour schemes etc start thinking about how your want your cake to look in the venue, for example, is the wedding venue grand and extravagant – if so will a small delicate cake look lost in the room?

On the other hand smaller room with a quaint & chic wedding cake can look effortlessly elegant.

It is also important to think about your cake table and how you would like this to be styled – flowers, draped sequined cloth, motifs and candles can give your cake that extra wow factor to impress your guests.

Ask your designer what the current cake trends are – there may be a new style to fall in love with!


A wedding cake is a like a piece of art – it is often difficult to have a set price as every cake is unique in terms of design, detail and size.

Be realistic about the look you want and the price associated – you need to feel comfortable in knowing that it is money well spent!

It is also important to understand that there may be additional costs such as delivery, set up & hire costs for the cake knife and stand (though your venue may provide these items for you. It is useful to have a budget in mind and to be open and honest with your cake designer about how much you would like to spend – they will then talk to you about the options you have with your budget in mind.


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