Radiant skin is what every bride deserves on their big day, yet achieving a dewy, even complexion requires careful planning. I always recommend a natural approach to skincare leading up to your wedding which will leave you feeling as comfortable as possible in your own skin, and give you the confidence to feel good on your special day.

My top tips for brides-to-be…

Routine – Establish a regular skincare regime. Find products and ingredients that work with your skin type and stick with them. A simple regular regime is more likely to result in balanced skin tone than a last-minute, emergency facial.

Keep it natural – Avoid products with artificial ingredients, fragrance and preservatives that can cause irritation. Natural and organic ingredients (which we use at MOA) allow the skin to breathe and heal. Vitamin rich essential oils and herbal extracts are packed with anti-oxidants to combat ageing, whilst raw base ingredients such as rosehip, coconut and sweet almond oil help to balance, nourish and protect the skin naturally.


Cleanse – Cleansing every night is very important to remove grime and impurities. Try using a hot cloth cleanser, it won’t strip the skin (often resulting in breakouts), but instead balances natural oil production. Our Daily Cleansing Ritual uses the restorative Green Balm, with sweet almond oil, yarrow and tea tree essential oil teamed with a soft, natural bamboo cleansing cloth.


Unwind – Stress can have a traumatic effect on the complexion, which is why it’s vital to take time out to relax whilst planning a wedding.  A long soak in the tub with candles and your favourite bath oil can unwind body and mind.  Our Fortifying Green Bath Potion will help relieve muscular aches and pains, ease headaches, clear the airways, de-stress the mind and lift moods.


Hydrate – drinking plenty of H2O will help skin to look firm and plump and can be supported with hydrating facial oil. Aphrodite Facial Oil is applied overnight as a tonic to nourish stressed-out, sensitive skin and is ideal to relieve blemishes. It contains luxuriant, damask rose oil that soothes and protects against redness.

Enjoy – Wedding planning isn’t all rigour and there should be time to have fun. Take time out for a night out with the girls or schedule some quality time with your intended and continue to enjoy hobbies and pastimes.

Charlie Flower is Creative Director of eco skincare specialist MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary) – order online at www.moa.london

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