With the surge of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest playing a huge part in the modern wedding, it’s easy to find yourself feeling overwhelmed and indecisive.
With more and more brides taking full control of their wedding planning, the key to having a smooth ride comes down to two key factors; organisation and delegation.

Creator and Founder of Wed-in-Bliss, the video workshop for DIY brides, Nikki Williams gives us her 6 steps to becoming the ultimate DIY boss bride!


If you find that you get nothing done unless it’s down on paper, you’re not alone. That’s when the benefit of creating a list of things that need ticking off to ensure you’re  hitting those deadlines in time comes into play.


Unexpected things do happen and unfortunately it’s inevitable but by having an alternative plan in place, you do stand more of a chance for dealing with these situations under a lot less panic and with a much more level head. Without getting too hung up on any problems that may not even occur, try to visualise every possible situation and what you might do to extinguish any mishaps.


By keeping your eye on the ball when it comes to your finances, you’ll maintain a realistic view of your expenditure meaning you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on where you’ll be spending your money. Let’s not be making any plans to remortgage the house, shall we?


Many brides often say that if they had a chance to have done things differently, they would have delegated more of the task list to their wedding party. And it’s true, hosting an event as big as a wedding means that a lot of cogs need to rotate smoothly and one way to really accomplish this is to make sure you’re accepting any help offered. Be sure to delegate tasks that work to the strengths of each party member. Yes! Of course you want everyone to enjoy the day but don’t sacrifice yourself and drown under your job sheet!


Alright, we know this is about a 9 on the scale of savvy brideship to bridezilla BUT you’ll thank us later! By building a detailed room by room pre and post wedding set-up/ break down schedule, you’ll sit comfortably in the fact that your wedding party are handling everything when and if you may need to head off for any consultations with the venue coordinator and/ or the caterers. You’ll be able to give a detailed description of exactly how you want that hot chocolate bar set up!


Planning a wedding for some has been a childhood dream, something that they’ve been imagining since they saw Sleeping Beauty kiss her Prince Charming. Weddings can make people highly charged and it can be an exciting yet emotional rollercoaster. Seek support if you need it, don’t handle everything on your own and remember that this is about you and your partner. When the sea gets rough, rest assured that your friends and family will be there to lend a helping hand when you may need it.

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