Choosing the perfect wines to accompany your wedding breakfast can be great fun, and even better watching the guests enjoy the bottles you’ve selected, but have you considered an alcohol-free option?

With so many great options now available, here are 3 reasons why you should add an alcohol-free alternative to your wedding day…

1. For keeping a clear head whilst getting ready in the morning

Picture this: The bride and bridesmaids getting ready in their matching pyjamas, sipping on some fizz and laughing together. We’ve all seen those gorgeous pictures!

A glass of bubbly with breakfast is great for marking the special occasion but can easily go to your head – especially if you’re feeling nervous.

Switching to a bottle of alcohol free sparkling wine like Eisberg’s new Sparkling Blanc de Blancs means you can kick start the celebrations without worrying about spoiling your day.

2. To make sure you remember every second of your special day

Your special day will likely be a whirlwind of being whisked from one place to another. From getting ready, to the canapes, toasting the newly weds, dinner and to the dance floor – you’ll likely be offered drinks at every step of the day.

Alternating between alcohol-free and regular wine or fizz can help you keep a clear head and make sure you remember the whole day without having to resort to water or soft drinks.

Eisberg Selection offers Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio which pair perfectly with food and would be a great addition to any wedding menu.

Plus, on a day full of photos, a glass of alcohol-free wine will blend into your wedding pics easier than a soft drink or water, so you can be picture-ready at all times throughout the day.

3. To allow all your guests to raise their glass!

With 36% of people cutting back on booze, or cutting it out completely, you will cater to more of your guests with alcohol-free alternatives.

Having an alcohol-free wine like Eisberg means those who want something less strong can still enjoy a great tasting wine with their food, without feeling like they’re missing out.

Plus, having alternatives to the typical soft drinks usually available means everyone can raise a champagne flute to toast to the happy couple.

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