5 Proposal Ideas

Will you marry me?


People are getting more and more creative when it comes to proposing to their loved ones, with lip syncing to songs such as Bruno Mars’ Marry you involving all of the family, or flash mobbing. So in today’s world how can you pop the big question in a way that will be perfect for your partner and stand out?  Here are some ideas from luxury wedding planners Potcakes Weddings. (potcakesweddings.com) to help inspire you.


Surprise Weekend Break

If you really want to surprise your beloved, secretly arrange with their work for them to have the Friday off. So when they arrive at work as normal, you’re there to surprise them with the marriage proposal, and then whisk them off for a surprise romantic weekend break.


An alternative way is on the way back from a holiday or weekend break, you could arrange for the flight attendant to announce your proposal over the intercom.


London Eye

Whether you live in London or you’re just visiting, the London Eye provides a beautiful, romantic setting with fantastic views across the city, including the famous Houses of Parliament. You can hire a private for around £300, this includes fast track boarding, exclusive check-in, chilled Champagne served by a waiter and a luxury Charbonnel et Walker pink champagne chocolate truffles. If you time it right you can watch the sunset over the capital.


Say it with Words

If you’re looking for a low key, intimate affair but want to be more creative than the usual candles or spelling it out with rose petals, you can write a series of cards that go through the story of how you both met and place one card on each step of your house – if you live in a flat you might have to get creative. The last card on the top step write ‘will you marry me?’, and when your partner turns around you’re at the bottom of the stairs on bended knee with the ring in hand.


Treasure Hunt

If you want the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane of the prominent places you’ve visited together, do a treasure hunt. Each hidden card will contain a cryptic clue about the next location, and why not also include your memory of that place.


Hire a Chef

Going out for a meal on Valentine’s Day can be expensive with inflated prices. Also restaurants are incredibly busy and sometimes impersonal. If you want to have a romantic delicious three course meal, hire a chef to cook for you both in the intimate setting of your own home. You can decorate it with roses, candles and play romantic music that you both love. One option is that the Chef hides the ring in the dessert. It’s thoughtful and will be a cherished memory.


For more inspiration and to find out more about their wedding planning services, see Potcakes Weddings on stand C104 at London Olympia 20-22 February.