5 Steps to Glowing Skin and Hair

1. Hydrate!

Drinking 2-3 litres of water per day help flush out toxins, helping keep the skin clear. Dehydration can also lead to skin and hair looking dull and tired. It will also rebalance the skin to help with either oiliness or dryness respectively.

2. Get Skincare Savvy!

It is key to cleanse day and night and work out what works for you and your skin. My personal recommendation is using retinol in the evening after cleansing and before moisturising and using a rich moisturiser, a makeup artists worst kept secret is using skin food as a staple in your routine.

3. Healthy Hair is Happy Hair!

Regular hair masks and trims will ensure your hair is at its best quality in the lead up to your big day. Speak to your hairdresser and see what treatments they would recommend for your specific hair type.

4. Beauty Sleep!

Whilst sleeping, blood flow increases, your facial muscles relax and collagen rebuilds. You also have a chance to relax, studies have shown that stress can lead to breakouts and is also one of the biggest aging factors on skin.

5. Swap to Satin!

Satin is gentler on the hair, which helps with breakage and frizz. The material can also lead to less wrinkles in the skin and more hydration due to the material being less absorbent.

Amy and her team look forward to helping you feel relaxed, happy and ready to take the next step into the rest of your life. Your hair and skincare preparation creates the perfect canvas ready for them to work their magic!

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