Key information about mens wedding suit

When it comes to your wedding day, your groom simply has to look as good as you. Even though you, the bride, will steal the limelight, your groom’s the wind beneath your wings. To encapsulate the wonderful, stylish couple you are, you’ll want to have cherished memories of your special day with stunning photos of you both looking amazing – you like a princess and your man like prince charming! Assuming you’ve got your dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses taken care of, the next most essential part of your big day’s your man’s wedding suit! See 5 things every bride needs to know from  TNWS exhibitors A Suit That Fits


– Buying VS Renting 

A Suit That Fits has created over 50,000 bespoke garments and spans 34 studios, across the UK, Ireland and America. At A Suit That Fits we believe a bespoke tailoring process should involve a choice of materials, styles, cut and fashion before being individually crafted and adjusted to a man’s taste. 

– Get your groom’s suit tailored.

Think about the opportunity of buying your groom’s outfit as the ideal chance to get him a super-chic, tailored suit or tuxedo that’ll serve many future occasions. Every man needs a smart suit in his wardrobe and since you won’t be renting, make sure to get the suit tailored to the perfect fit. Some grooms like to lose a little weight before their wedding day, so wait for his weight to stabilise before the fitting and don’t let him leave it too late! Badly fitting suits are unflattering and will make your man look heavier in photos – all the more reason to get a suit that fits his body shape perfectly.

– Add the personal touch.

When you’ve finally helped your groom to choose his suit, encourage him to add some personal touches. Leave this up to him if you dare but you could end up being very surprised as to what he comes up with, as some brides have found to their amusement and occasionally to their horror! Read on to find out what your groom could have in store for you.

If your groom’s both quirky and fashion-conscious he could turn up on your wedding day in not just his perfectly tailored suit, but also his designer sneakers (e.g. Vans) loud socks (e.g.vibrant stripes) or funny hat (e.g. a Trilby). If you’re worried about this, suggest more conservative and tasteful accessories ahead of time, such as his favourite watch, jewellery or some meaningful cufflinks to add personality to his look, complimenting his suit.

– Prepare for your groom’s suit well in advance.

The ideal time frame to start planning in terms of choosing and fitting the suit’s 4-6 weeks ahead of your big day. There are two reasons for this. Firstly it will save you money, because a suit that has to be hastily tailored a couple of weeks before the wedding will have to be prioritised above all other work by the tailor. This will undoubtedly increase prices, as overtime costs could be included. If it’s a rushed job, with the best will in the world, mistakes could creep in too, costing more to rectify. The second reason is it’s much less stressful to plan ahead for your man’s wedding suit. There’s enough to think about in preparation for you big day, so don’t make his outfit one of the stressful elements!

– Practice makes perfect.

Encourage your groom to practice wearing the clothing he’ll wear on the day, which means donning his suit and wearing it for a short while in a risk-free environment where it won’t get marked or damaged. It’s important he becomes comfortable with it on, after all, he’ll be standing, sitting, eating, drinking, dancing, speech-making and most importantly, saying ‘I do’ in his prized suit, so it needs to feel just like a second skin.

Most couples plan well in advance for their wedding, sometimes years. Whilst there are bound to be things left to an element of chance on your big day (e.g. the weather!, make sure your groom’s outfit isn’t one of them! You both deserve the most fabulous wedding day, with the added benefit of your groom owning an item of clothing that will last for many, many years, just like your rings and your wedding day memories.


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