5 Top Tips For A Picture Perfect Smile In Time For The Big Day!

Couples spend £000’s on the best photographers, hair and beauty, fashion and accessories, personal trainers to make sure they’re looking their best on the most important day of their lives. However, something as simple as a beautiful SMILE, quite often tends to be an afterthought, and very commonly a massive regret, if it’s not something they’re able to get “sorted” in time for the bid day! The Wedding Smiles by Hampstead Dental Studio is here to help…

Your smile can be improved from as simple as a visit to the hygienist, professional teeth whitening to a full-on smile makeover. Make sure you have the confidence to smile freely on your big day and, remember, the memories captured on camera and video will be something that stays with you for a lifetime.

A Hampstead Dental Studio Bride on her Wedding Day

A beautiful smile really defines the face and a photograph. On the contrary, a not-so beautiful smile tends to become a focus point, even if everything else is perfect. Quite often people will hide their teeth and true smile if they’re not happy with the state of their teeth leading to somewhat awkward photos on the big day – don’t let that be you!

Here are our top 5 tips to make sure you’ve got your smile ready in time for the big day:

1. Don’t leave it too late

Depending on the treatment that is required to achieve your wedding smile goals, we advise all couples to see us at least 9-12 months before the big day. Remember, you may want to also take into account occasions like hen-do’s/stag-do’s and pre-wedding photoshoots, where you may wish to have your new smile ready in time for.

These are our general timescales we recommend to achieve the desired results:

– Professional teeth whitening – a minimum of 4-6 weeks

– Composite Cosmetic Bonding (normally preceded by teeth whitening) & will require adjustments/reviews – 2-3 months

– Invisalign (Teeth Straightening) – Minimum 4-6 months

– ABC Smile Makeovers (using a combination of Invisalign, Teeth Whitening & Composite Cosmetic Bonding) – 6-12+ months depending on treatment required.

A Hampstead Dental Studio Bride – A smile makeover like this can take 3-6 months to achieve

2. Do your research

Nowadays, there are lots of non-dentist led methods to achieve smile makeovers, such as mail-order aligner systems and cheap laser teeth whitening at beauticians/shopping centres. We strongly suggest you to NOT go down this route as it is likely to cause long-term issues with your teeth and gums which can be irreversible and provide you with sub-optimal results either way.

Remember, if you give yourself enough time, don’t rush your decision about who carries out your smile makeover. It’s important you look at social media profiles, experience, industry awards and testimonials/reviews before deciding who to go with!

Check us out and you’ll quickly see why patients flock to the award-winning Hampstead Dental Studio for their smile makeovers.

3. Do it as a couple

The way in which many couples go to the gym together, diet together and wedding-plan together, getting your smile improved together becomes part of the pre-wedding journey.

You’ll be able to help and motivate each other, and there’s no better picture than a couple smiling confidently together on their big day.

Some benefits that we’re exclusively offering to couples:

– 2-for-1 Professional Boutique Teeth Whitening for couples

– £750 Discount each on Invisalign for couples

– Save 25% on our ABC Smile Makeover Packages when signing up as couples

A Hampstead Dental Studio Couple on their wedding day

4. It doesn’t have to break the bank

Lets face it – weddings can be a huge expense and budgets can quickly get out of hand. Many couples feel their “smile” is lower down the priority list when there are so many other expenses to consider. However, we’ve never come across a bride or groom that has had their smile makeover completed in time for their wedding and regretted it! We’ve lost count of how many couples regret not getting it done before their wedding.

But we do understand that smile makeovers can be an added expense to an already costly period in your life. Hampstead Dental Studio offers affordable payment plans, including 0% interest-free finance, where you can pay for your smile makeover through bitesize monthly payments! You’d be surprised at how affordable these can be.

e.g. A Typical Teeth Whitening and Composite Cosmetic Bonding Smile Makeover, costing £2000, could be split over 5 years at £33.33/month – That’s just over £1/day!

A simple enhancement using professional teeth whitening only costs a few hundred £s, and is the easiest and most cost-effective way to help improve your smile for the big day.

5. Your smile is for life, not just your wedding day!

The make-up you get done on the morning of the big day will be wiped off at the end of the night. The hair you’ll get beautifully styled will soon grow out. The wedding dress or suit you’ll wear will most likely gather dust for years until you pass it on.

Your smile, on the other hand will stick with you for life! It’s all about creating a healthy, functional and beautiful smile that you’ll be able to wear for the rest of your life and not just your wedding day!

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