5 Top Tips for planning a successful Hen party

Here at Party Pants we specialise in Creative Knicker Decorating hen parties but there is just so much more out there to explore. Heres some tips on the Do’s and Dont’s of planning a hen party.

Firstly – Congratulations – this means you are an all-round super friend and human!

Secondly – Do not Fear! Organising a hen party can be daunting, so Party Pants Chief Brief Julia has put together her Five Top Tips to get you on track:

1) Don’t lose the Bride! 

No, not literally losing your friend on the dance floor, but rather, losing sight of who she is the and the type of hen party that would suit her best. It is easy to bow to pressure of pleasing everyone, but the reality is, you want to think about what will please the bride. What does she most enjoy? What will be most memorable and special to her? There is no point planning a wild night out for a girl who prefers her home comforts, or an activity-filled extravaganza for a bride who loves to chill out.

2) Be that person! 

Planning a hen party with other bridesmaids (especially ones your do not know well!) can be…a challenge! In a bid to seem accommodating or easy-going, it is possible to let things slide that you would ordinarily be opposed to. Speak up! You are a bridesmaid because you know and love the bride, so if you see the plans getting too expensive, too complicated or plain unsuitable – SPEAK UP!IMG_4641

3) Don’t tell the Bride! 

If Hen Party planning gets stressful, think of BBC’s hit show and remember: Don’t tell the Bride! Whether it’s accommodation falling through, catering nightmares, or that guest who refuses every suggestion, this stress is for you and your fellow bridesmaids to bear! Smile knowingly, (by all means whilst googling frantically!) but make the bride feel that it is all under control. Ultimately, the hen party will be brilliant and you will be glad you didn’t involve her in the drama along the way.

4) It’s all in the detail!

Organising the venue, food and activities are the foundations of any hen party – but once these things are in place, the fun can begin! Armed with old photos, funny stories and all the creativity you have, now is the time to add the special touches to take the event to the next level. It might be a round of pass the parcel with fun questions about the bride in each layer. It might be hilarious pictures of best-forgotten hairstyles and ill-advised outfits, hidden inside balloons that the bride must pop every time she mentions her fiancee’s name. It might be a treasure hunt with clues that only the Bride will be able to solve. Whatever it is, these PERSONAL touches are the things that the bride will remember long after the party has finished.

5) Go with the flow!

Once the plans have been laid, the decorations have been done, and the hens start to arrive, now is the time to let your hair down and enjoy the party! You have worked hard to pull it all off and the best thing you can do for the bride now, is have a fabulous time! Perhaps not everything will run perfectly to plan as you would wish, but remember – the people are more important that the plan! So go with the flow and ENJOY IT!


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