mother of the bride

Handling Mothers (and mother in laws)

After the initial engagement excitement, the reality of organizing a wedding sets in – often with the guiding principles of various “well-meaning” family members. It can be a little overwhelming being on the receiving end of so much love and good intentions, so here are some tips we would like to share for the brides to be:

1. Try to give everyone a job, it can really help enhance your relationship with your Mother-in-law to be if she feels valued and part of the wedding organisation.


2. Your mother may be struggling with this new situation where by you are completely independent, put yourself in her shoes and show her she is still needed.


3. Similarly, your mother in law may be struggling with her son in the same way, give your fiancé a gentle nudge to show the same compassion.


4. You can’t please everyone, make sure you get your points across – but be able to pick your battles and have some areas that can be compromised on.


5. Remember a wedding is not a competition and should be treated as an occasion to strengthen family bonds as well as make new ones.


6. After the wedding, be sure to sincerely thank Mothers & Mothers in law for their love & assistance, maybe even surprise them with a gift picked up at one of our leading wedding fairs