6 things to pack in your wedding handbag

After all the excitement of planning your big day, many brides forget to prepare a wedding handbag. It can make the day much more enjoyable when you know that you have everything you might need with you. At Guides for Brides, we asked real brides what they packed in their wedding day handbag. So, here are some important items to keep with you to make sure you’re prepared for every situation from Guides For Brides


 A Compact Mirror

Whether you’re worried about mascara running or classic red-lipstick teeth, you can easily solve these problems by carrying a small compact mirror in your handbag. It can be really helpful to check your hair before that all-important wedding photo shoot!

 Plasters and Paracetamol

Make sure you’re feeling your best on your wedding day and bring some plasters and paracetamol. Spending the entire day in heels can be uncomfortable and you don’t want to be limping down the aisle because of blisters. Bring some plasters with you so that you can cope with whatever the day throws at you.

 These are a must for those emotional moments. Whether it be during the vows at the altar or at the evening reception after a drink or two, make sure you have your trusty tissues with you.

 Hair Pins

Even though you may have spent hours that morning getting your hair done, you will probably find it dropping out of style as the day goes on. Keep your hairstyle looking its best by pinning back any loose strands of hair.

 Spare Tights

Make sure you’re ladder-ready by bringing a spare pair of tights with you to your wedding. You don’t want your pristine bridal look to be ruined by a huge rip in your tights, so make sure to pack a spare pair!

Touch Up” Makeup

Make sure that your wedding handbag includes some of the makeup you plan to wear. During the day your makeup can wear off so it always helps to be prepared. We recommend taking some lipstick, concealer and powder.


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