Perfect eyebrows for your wedding

7 Tips To Get Dream Brows On Your Wedding Day


It won’t come as news when we tell you that brows can make a huge difference in framing your face. The only issue with achieving fuller brows is that for years if not decades, many of us have been over-plucking and this can make it very difficult to achieve those perfect feathery brows that you see all over Instagram in time for your wedding. Difficult but not impossible! So here are some tips to get your eyebrows back on track in time for your Big Day:

#1- Put the tweezers down

This one is going to be difficult… but put the tweezers away and stop touching your brows. This may mean that for a few weeks your brows will look a bit crazy, growing in every direction. But the good news is that with the lockdown, there has never been a better time to give your eyebrows a break! We promise, it won’t show on your Zoom call.

So why should you stop touching brows? Well once eyebrows have been consistently tweezed, waxed or threaded for years and years, the hair follicles have been damaged and need a serious break if they have any hope of making a comeback. It can take three to four months for hair growth to come back so this can be a slow process but so worth it!

Eyebrow tips wedding day
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#2- Oils are your new best friend

On your journey to fuller brows, this is one unavoidable step. Natural oils are packed with nutrients and vitamins that will help your brows grow back fuller & quicker. The very best oil for hair growth is Castor Oil (also known as Ricin Oil). This thick oil can be applied using an old (but clean) mascara wand on your brows every night before bed. In a matter of days, you should start noticing some regrowth (but remember step #1)


#3- Brow Serum

For those who want to go the extra mile, add an eyebrow serum into your routine. Many eyebrow serums contain a mixture of natural oils and other active ingredients that will help increase hair growth and make them stronger.

It’s worth noting that all the eyebrow serum or castor oil in the world will not give you what isn’t there. And by that we mean that some of us have been blessed with  beautiful fuller brows while others have a naturally thinner brow line. If you fall in the latter category, you can still grow back eyebrows that have been over-plucked and thinned out over time, but you will not see new hair growth outside of your natural brow line.

Eyebrow Oil Serum
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#4- Eat your greens

Now eating your greens will help with much more than just growing out your brows.  But a healthy balanced diet with plenty of nutrients and vitamins (including vitamin E) is crucial when wanting to grow out your hair (including brows) and achieve a glowy complexion. All things many of us dream of on the big day!

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#5- Keep them groomed

Just because you should stop tweezing and waxing your brows doesn’t mean you can’t keep them groomed. During this phase, grooming out brows is actually crucial as it will help keep you patient. So how do you keep your brows looking tame?

The first step is to brush your brows up using a clean spoolie brush and fill in any gaps you can see with brow pencil and thin short strokes. You want to try and imitate brow hairs as opposed to just drawing an outline and colouring them in. Next step is using a clear brow gel to keep hair going in one direction and avoid crazy strays.

Eyebrow taming
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#6- Consider Brow Lamination

And no, this isn’t as painful as it sounds. In fact, this relatively new process isn’t painful at all and is a great cheaper alternative to microblading.

So what is brow lamination and more importantly, who is it for?

It is called brow lamination because eyebrows are “sealed” into a flatter position often with an upward movement to give the illusion of feathery brows. This two step process works by perming eyebrow hairs into the desired direction and movement using a chemical solution.  Those with thinner brows will find this technique makes their brows look a lot fuller and more youthful.  Whereas those with already full brows will find that it keeps them under control and easier to groom. And the best part of it is that eyebrow lamination will give you your dream brows for 4 to 6 weeks.

If you are considering this technique for your wedding, we would recommend going for your first appointment 12 weeks before your wedding date. You should then go for your second appointment a couple of days before. That way if you find that eyebrow lamination really isn’t for you, you don’t have to commit to it for your big day.

Bonus tip :

As it is a relatively new technique, choosing the right salon for this is crucial. Make sure that whoever you are booked in with has had proper training. They should also require you to come in for a patch test 24 hours before your appointment at least. If you are planning on getting your brows tinted during the process, you will need two patch tests: one for the perm solution and the other for the tinting. The salon should also give you instructions post treatment to keep your brows looking good.

Eyebrow Lamination
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#7- Going forward

So what should you do once you’ve managed to grow out your brows again? Go to a salon? DIY your brow grooming?

Well that really depends on your natural brows. If you have been blessed with naturally good eyebrows (and self-control), DIY is a great option for you. Especially if you are after a more natural feathered brow and you have had good regrowth with the steps above.

However, if you feel like your eyebrows need a bit more maintenance or you prefer a defined brow, the salon route is the way to go. They will be best equipped to give you that shape and advise you going forward. Once you go to a salon that you like, make sure you stick with one person as they will be able to talk you through next steps and get you the eyebrows you want for your wedding.

Image from @grishina.viktoria