9 Reasons to hire a photo booth for your wedding

Ok so you’re getting married. The venue is sorted, the dress has been found, you know which photographer you want. Everything’s beginning to fall into place when it suddenly occurs to you…what about the fun aspect? What about those more informal shots, the ridiculous prop shots as the guests relax into the evening, that moment that needs capturing when your Nan blasts out the clown wig and an inflatable guitar?

That’s where a photo booth steps in. Photo booths are genius for weddings. All of the fun of passport style photos but with all of your friends and loved ones. When will you ever be able to catch your slightly inebriated work colleague in a feather boa with your Grandad? Answer? Never.


The Fun Factor

Lets face it, photo booths are comedy gold. Not only are they a novelty dream but some of your guests might not be up for the dance floor. Maybe their feet are tired, maybe they’ve got about as much rhythm as a walking stick, maybe dancing in public gives them the fear. A photo booth is a great way to capture those guests of any age who aren’t making a beeline for the dance floor.


How many times have you been to a wedding where you’ve been gifted with a bag of  sugared almonds? Do yourself a favour and give your guests something they will want to keep forever. Your guests will love taking their pictures away with them and each print comes personalised with the married couple’s name and wedding date on. Don’t be surprised if the shots become your guests’ next facebook picture!


Guest book

A big reason for hiring a photo booth is the guest book. At The Selfie Box, we offer a classic guest book option which means we print 2 copies of shots, one for the guest and another for your own guestbook. Once your guests have popped them inside with a message, hey presto, you have a modern spin on the old guestbook idea to enjoy for years to come.


Photo booths are a classic homage to yesteryear, a throwback to a bygone era. Before the days of ipads, phones, laptops and digital cameras, there was the polaroid. Nothing beats the good old classic feel of a photograph printed in your hand that you can put on your wall, in your albums, or on your fridge. Your guests can take a picture away with them instantly. There’s just no beating that!

Bring people together

Everyone knows one of the most difficult parts of wedding planning is the dreaded table plan (trust us – we’ve been there!) Nothing brings people together quite like in the queue for the booth – it’ll get your guests mingling and is a great conversation starter. Before you know it, your aunt Norma will be busting some moves on the dance floor with your uni friends after discovering a shared love of Beyonce in the photo booth queue

High quality results

This is your chance to capture those moments that official photographers might miss. Our photo booth boasts studio lighting, a DSLR camera and the best props you can imagine. High quality, colourful prints await anyone who enters.


Bonus babysitter

Any children attending your wedding? As well as entertaining the non dancers, a photo booth is like catnip to children. They go wild for one. A photo booth will entertain them for some time while their parents have a boogie or a conversation.

No Effort Required

We totally understand that you have enough to think about on your big day without having to add setting up a Photo Booth to your list. So good news, you don’t have to. We set up and remain with the booth the entire time so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


Unlike many wedding costs photobooths don’t break the bank. A photo booth is well worth its cost, packages often include prints and digital copies too. Photo booths are an affordable, ideal way to capture pictures of all your guests in an array of fun ensembles.


So that’s The Selfie Box photo booth philosophy! 

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