The Perfect Wedding Dress Fit

Your Wedding is the most important day of your life, and the dress has to be perfect. Whether it’s made to measure or altered for you it’s essential that the dress fits correctly.Maria, from Maria Morris Couture is an Award Winning designer and an expert on achieving a perfect fit. She has many years of experience in fitting and flattering all body shapes. She’s at the Manchester Show launching her brand new 2016 Collection so we asked her for some tips.



 Does it look good or are you having to alter your posture to get the dress to look ‘right’? Holding an un-natural posture all day will be tiring and uncomfortable so make sure you can relax. Don’t stand to attention and breathe in, just stand normally and see how it looks.


 Every angle

 Check the dress from every angle, there should be no wrinkles or creases appearing. The back view of a Bridal Gown is on show to your invited guests so it’s essential that the back looks as good as the front. Make sure that the dress fits from every view point.



 Move around in your dress. Walk around the showroom and make sure the dress is manageable. Make sure you get to try sitting down and that the dress works for you. Definitely put on some music and have a dance! Your dress should move with you, so if it feels like it’s fighting back then there might be a problem. Check your dress doesn’t rise up, twist around or slide down.


 Danger points

 Strapless, Backless and Halter style dresses can be particularly tricky to get a good fit so double check there’s no gaping or unwanted exposure. Make sure that a good friend checks you are still decent and not showing more than you want to.


 This is the most important day of your life, so insist on perfection.


Find Maria Morris on Stand D19 in Manchester this weekend.