Artificial Flowers – The Wow Factor

Many people are still under the illusion that Artificial Flowers look plastic and tacky and are certainly not something that they would want at their wedding.

Emma Durrant Floristry is here to reassure you that this certainly isn’t the case anymore, in fact quite the opposite. Emma’s Clients and their guests often say to her, “I can’t believe they are not real flowers they look and feel so life like.”

The company started because Emma decided that at her own wedding she didn’t want to pay real flower prices for cut flowers that would die and create so much wastage having such a negative impact on the environment, and from this day Emma Durrant Floristry and Events was born.

Emma uses not only Artificial Flowers hand picked for quality from a uk wholesaler but she also will work occasionally with dried flowers dependant on the brief, these two types of florals are sustainable. Emma’s company also works on a hire basis meaning you don’t have to find a place for these beautiful florals after your wedding, they are simply collected and re used over and over again.

However she still will sell you your bouquets or important florals you want to keep, so you also can have the best of both.

Emma Durrant Floristry & Events has large stock, of all different colours and flower types and this means they can hire out the flowers at a cheaper rate due to its company flower rehire keeping you in budget.

Emma believes Artificial Flowers should be the way people go for their wedding floristry she Says;

“Sustainable flowers are the way forward, especially for those who care for their environment. Artificial flowers are made from sustainable materials greatly reducing their environmental impact. Artificial flowers are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to real flowers because they don’t require water, energy for growing, harvesting, and transporting and certainly no need for harmful pesticides. They are long lasting, cost effective, maintenance free and Hypoallergenic and best of all they don’t die, making your wedding day floral arrangements look as good at the end of your wedding day as they did at the beginning, no wilting flowers on a hot day.”

Some of the options for Emma Durrant Floristry & Events are:




Top table sprays,



Flower Nests,

Ceiling Installations,

Aisle flowers,

Cherry Trees,

And so much more.

Emma Durrant Floristry & Events also provides Wedding/Event Planning and Styling and Day Time Wedding Coordination.