How to have bartender quality cocktails without the bartender

Have you ever been to a wedding where you ask about the wine selection, with the answer being “red or white”? We feel your pain. Other than taking a hip flask with you, you’re stuck with the Chardonnay for the evening.

One of the most talked about things at weddings is always the drinks. So what is it you want people to be saying? In our experience, nothing impresses guests quicker than a bartender quality cocktail of their choice. And as they say, a cocktail in the hand is worth two deep at the bar.

Now, let us introduce you to our favourite handcrafted, signature cocktails.

Devon Coastal Negroni

Created in Italy around 1920, this bitter yet sweet cocktail has become one of the most popular sipping drinks around the world, and owes it’s magic to simplicity, made from only amaro, vermouth and gin.

Finding the perfect gin is a long road, but when we found an authentically distilled, multi-award winning craft gin inspired by bygone voyages, we fell in love. Paired with a 120-year old vermouth recipe, some gentle Italian garden amaro, and just a hint of sweet orange, you’ll be transported to an overgrown villa in Florence, nibbling cicchetti as the late afternoon lingers on. Promise.

English Garden Lychee Martini

Originally made in a late-night Korean bar in New York, the lychee martini has become a sensual staple in the cocktail bible, due to its aromatic flavours and touch of the exotic.

English gardens are close to our heart, so when we found a small-batch, organic British elderflower vodka, we recreated a spring garden cocktail to match. The sweet lychee aromas are our nod to the classic dry martini, with added layers of depth and complexity. Whether beside the roses of England, or beneath the blossoms of Japan, one chilled sip will wing you there

Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned

Probably the oldest and most popular cocktail of all time, the old-fashioned is everything a great cocktail should be, strong and simple, yet balanced to perfection on your tongue.
At Tom Savano we value innovation and family tradition, so when we found a bourbon made from red winter wheat distilled by a family of masters dating back generations, in the very birth place of bourbon, we got excited. We’ve blended their artisan bourbon with one of our favourite dry rye whiskeys, balanced with rich dark sugar and our secret blend of bitters. One sip and you’ll be on a Kentucky porch as golden hour settles over rye fields, evening closing in.

Single Estate Reposado Margarita

Margaritas immediately conjure up scenes of the beach, or laying by the pool on a sweltering day. Either way it’s bikinis, ice and tangy tequila. Our Jalisco single estate tequila is one of the few still made the old fashioned way. Rich earthy notes are blended in Tommy’s signature style. The fresh agave, lip smacking tangy lime, and Mexican herbs, make this our favourite cocktail. One taste and you’ll be lying on the sand in Cabo, the sparkling azure water lapping at your feet with salt in the air.

Tom Savano brings you award-winning, travel inspired cocktails in gorgeous, sophisticated bottles that let you have a five star drinks service without the bartender or even a bar. Simply pop the corks and pour over ice. Seriously. With two serves per bottle, they have been designed for sharing.

We will be showcasing our cocktails at the National Wedding Show on the 15th/16th February at London Olympia in Kensington so if you want to find out more and taste our range, come and speak to us on stand B67.