Choose The Perfect Wedding Flowers

Flowers can brighten up any day…especially your wedding day! We caught up with The Florist at Coppice & Manager Leonie Jane on choosing the perfect blooms for the big day.


See 5 top tips here:

1)      Choosing the date:

The most important part is when will your Big Day take place? Choose this wisely, many Brides come to me, with their Wedding date in winter, but longing for spring or summer Flowers, so check – do you have a favourite flower & if so, what is its seasonality? Do you want them included in your Wedding Flowers – ensure your date falls within their availability too, to avoid you feeling disappointed within this exciting process.


 2)      Colours:

Flowers come in many wonderful shades, but not all are available in all flower types. Matching your colour scheme, might be more difficult than you realise, think about tones & shades of your desired colour scheme as this can complement it just as much or sometimes even better than trying to match as it doesn’t always work. Flower colours are different to sash colours, dress colours & favour colours etc.

 3)      Multiple designs:


When choosing where to put designs, it can get a little over the top, consider re-using some designs, if you are allowed to remove some from the church, try putting them within your reception for example.

Save on Top Table Arrangements & have Vases with water waiting for you at your table to place yours & the Bridesmaids Bouquets in to, to see throughout the meal.

Dress the length of your Top Table with them or by the cake table also, – a handy tip to reduce costs but still create a full impact.

  4)      Prioritse:


Remember YOU & The Groom are most important – extra Buttonholes for Family & Friends can still be made & delivered with everyone else’s – just maybe consider asking them to settle the bill for there’s separately to your flower bill, to help ease with the costing when deciding where designs can be placed.  Choose where is most important to be decorated with stunning floral designs, where your guests will be spending the most time to appreciate them.

 5)      Set a budget:

Be realistic!  That’s most important – champagne expectations are great but if lemonade is all the budget will pay for don’t push yourself to more than you can manage.

You have to live after the wedding – there are flowers out there for every budget.

Be honest, open & realistic – when you have your budget in mind – know it & stick to it.

  Enjoy the process of choosing your Wedding Flowers – you only do it once!

 Discuss your Wedding Flowers with Leonie Jane:

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