Choosing your wedding colour

Finding the colours for your own wedding can get a bit tricky as there are plenty beautiful ideas and inspirations on the web and in magazines.

Looking at Pinterest, Instagram, wedding decoration related blogs and other inspirational websites you find so many ideas that you can hardly decide on the colours.  

Here are some tips to help you finding the right colours for your big day from Amoretti Weddings.


Have a look on your reception venue:

Brilliant yellow roses, pretty green shutters –there may already be on site features to guide you.Take also a look on the style of your wedding. Are you getting married by the sea? There are variations of blue tones. Also take care that the variations of the colours are not getting too contrasting with other colours in the room.


Start by the mood of your big day:

Think about the season you are getting married at.  If you’re getting married in the summer e.g. in South of France or in Italy you might choose bright colours. On the other side if you’re getting married in winter e.g. in London you might want to choose cosy warm colours. The tone you want to give to your day will influence your choice of colours.


Get inspired by your flowers:

This is where we start when we look for the right combination of colours for a wedding. Have a look at Pinterest, search for your favourite bridal bouquets and keep on looking for the colours that inspire you the most. Keep those colours in mind and you will find the perfect colours for your wedding.


Now wondering how to incorporate these colours?

Thanks to the flowers, stationary, reception venue or deco details of course! Do you want to create a menu, place cards, gifts that guests could take with colours of your day? All those little details are occasion to bring the colours into your big day.


Choose the perfect shades:

Once you have decided on a tone or a combination of main colours go a little further and vary the shades.

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