Instagrammable Wedding Stationary –

Red might be the colour of love, but according to research, blue is the colour of Instagram. With the rise of instagrammable wedding trends, we wonder if this means blue is the new colour of love? Over the past year we have seen an increase in couples asking for blue coloured wedding stationery, in fact blue is now our most popular colour request, and for the first time it has edged ahead of pinks and purples!

If you’re keen to share all things wedding planning online, then the colours you choose can make all the difference between a double tap and a scroll. The latest research shows that blue images get 24% more likes than ones with red as the prominent colour.

Your guests will naturally make judgments within two minutes of seeing your wedding invitation, because that’s just what humans do. So choosing your colours is important, but so is your personal choice, because it’s not all about Instagram is it!?

Yes, first impressions count, and if you want to make a big impact on your guests then the use of colour is one way to do this. There are also other options such as bespoke creations and the use of foil and glitter, which work well with lots of colours.

Blue wedding stationery

We love blue, but we also love using all other colours of the rainbow to make beautiful wedding stationery. So whilst blue might be the most popular at the moment, it’s always worthwhile making your wedding stationery personal to you and your partner regardless of colour.

But, in celebration of blue, here’s a selection of some of our favourite invites and stationery using Instagrams’ colour of choice.

Thanks to Love Invited for their expert words on wedding stationery. Make sure to visit stand E48 at Manchester Central to meet the team.

blue wedding invite

blue save the date

blue wedding invitation

blue wedding stationery