3 Boozy Wedding Favours to Impress Your Guests

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Your loved ones have travelled from all over the place to join you in celebrating one of the most important days of your life, but how can you thank them for making this effort. It’s hard to articulate those feelings of gratitude but one way to make sure they know you appreciate them is with a thoughtful wedding favour!

There are plenty of choices out there for fun, creative wedding favours but we think some of the most fun to give and receive are the ones with a boozy twist. The best part is, they’re only small tokens of appreciation, so they don’t have to break the bank. So this is a present that packs a punch for both you and your guests.

We’ve put together THREE original options for you to have a go with but don’t forget, there are always important factors when it comes to choosing your favours. For boozy treats specifically, make sure your venue of choice is okay with you providing these for the guests (most are, but you don’t want to be caught out). Plus, make sure you choose an alternative option for your sober guests (there are plenty of non-alcoholic spirit replacements or mocktail options out there).

Read on for our favourite ways to booze up your wedding favours and give your guests something exciting to take home…


Miniature cocktails

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Even those who say they don’t… we all know they’re lying. That’s why making up a big batch of a simple cocktail and dishing it out into miniature bottles is a great option for a wedding favour.

A super simple option for this is the cult classic Negroni, why not give our recipe a go?


boozy wedding favours

The Perfect Batch Negroni! (Will fill 20 5cl bottles)


350ml Didsbury Gin Blood Orange & Ginger

350ml Campari

350ml Sweet Vermouth

20 thin strips of orange peel OR dried orange slices to attach alongside


How to:

In a large pitcher, combine your Didsbury Gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Stir well to ensure all ingredients are mixed in well.

Divide mixture carefully into miniature bottles (5cl bottles work well for wedding favours).

Pop a thin strip of orange peel in each or poke a hole in a dried orange slice, loop some string through and tie it around the neck of your bottle.

Seal up each bottle tightly.



DIY G&T Goodie Bags

G&Ts are tricky to beat, so why try! All you need to do is take a mini bottle of gin, a mini bottle of tonic and a dried tonic, then pop them into a linen bag and add a tag with the guest’s name and ‘DIY G&T’ in big letters to get them excited!

Make sure you switch it up with some different flavours too, not just in your gins but in your tonics. Think pink, berry-flavoured gins paired with floral toned tonics. Now that’s a thoughtful gift that your guests won’t forget in a hurry.

Wondering which gins to choose? Check out our next favour option for our recommendation.










Personalised Mini Gins

Keep it simple with miniature bottles of gin. This is always a crowd pleaser, it’s free booze after all! Plus, it leaves the tasting and pairing to them. Of course, that always means there’ll be some who choose to taste it straight away instead of taking it home to try… but that adds a bit of fun too, right?

Personalising them is super easy too, whether it be a brown card neck tag with their name in calligraphy or mini boxes you can set up yourself!

These miniature bottles from Didsbury Gin offer plenty of different flavours in adorable 5cl bottles to make sure everyone gets a taste of something different. You can find these here in packs of 4 or enquire with Didsbury Gin for a bigger order.

Looking for more boozy options to spice up your wedding favours? The team at Didsbury Gin have plenty of options and ideas to help inspire you. Simply get in touch with the team to discover the best gift options.