Bridal Basics with Pure GOLD COLLAGEN®

The experts in glowing skin from within, Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® share 7 top tips to every bride feeling and looking brilliant for the big day and beyond.


1. Stick to what you know: It’s tempting for brides-to-be to question their skincare regime but don’t be tempted to switch this up at the last minute. By all means, allow yourself to discover some new products but do this in plenty of time (no later than 6 weeks before the wedding). Otherwise, you may face skin issues with little time to rectify this.


2. Put your health before your weight: Almost every woman has dieted at one point or another but if you do decide to lose weight for your wedding day, be realistic and don’t lose sight of what’s healthy. Although short term extreme diets can give you quick results, you may find yourself looking older as extreme weight loss can result in a loss of hydration in the skin, meaning wrinkles look more visible. Instead, opt for a more long term, healthy way to slim down/tone up, ensuring you still have plenty of energy to shine on the big day.


3. Forget the wedding: Not entirely, but try to spend more time with your family and friends. Post-wedding, you may find that you have less time to spend with those close to you so it’s important to show those you love how valued your relationships are and will continue to be.


4. Glow! Glow! Glow! To have a fresh look on the most important day of your life, start a three month course of GOLD COLLAGEN®. Your skin will look more hydrated with a youthful glow and your hair and nails will appear healthier and stronger too!


5. Go Au Natural: A sun-kissed look is great but too much fake tan is not nice!

Your wedding day is all about elegance so take inspiration from more natural beauties who embrace their skin tones. Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly and Emma Stone are just a few.


6 Stay organised: If you have a wedding budget, keep an excel file to manage your expenses and be always on top of your finances.


7. Relax: Keep the agenda of the days leading up to the wedding absolutely free. Relax in a Spa with your bridesmaids or with your mum, sister and cousins. Last minute activities and stress will undoubtedly have an impact on your mood and the appearance of your skin so just take some time to chill out.




Taking inspiration from technology in Japan and developed by MINERVA Research Labs and European scientists, Pure Gold Collagen is a unique liquid supplement designed to nourish skin from the inside out, targeting the visible signs of ageing associated with collagen loss.



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