Shopping For Bridesmaids Dresses

You’ve booked the venue, you have the dress and you have roughly around a thousand Pinterest boards ready and waiting to help you plan your dream wedding, but there’s still something left, the bridesmaids dresses!

With the wedding date closing in, finding the right bridesmaids dresses style, colour, sizes can be quite a challenge. Pinpointing one dress to suit several and different body shapes and sizes can be difficult. Below I have put together some useful tips to help you go through the bridesmaid dresses shopping experience with ease.

Step 1: Start Six Months in Advance
Unfortunately, finding your wedding bridesmaids dresses that each of your bridesmaids adore and at affordable prices in one day is very difficult. Especially if need to consider the different opinions of your bridesmaids.
Start your search about six months in advance. This will allow you enough time to agree on a style and colour, order the right sizes, and make any alterations if needed.

Step 2: Four Things Should Define Your Colour Choice
When deciding on a colour, you need to have in mind the following: theme of the wedding, the venue, the season, the time of the day and your bridesmaids’ skin tones.
As a general rule of thumb, Spring-Summer Season weddings call for pastel or so-called candy colours. Ideally, look for maxi bridesmaids’ dresses in blush, baby pink, sparkly champagne, nude, mint, lavender or mellow yellow. Just imagine how beautiful your beach wedding would be in coral hues. On the other hand, Autumn-Winter ceremonies go much better with bold and dark palettes– opt for deep purple, emerald, navy / dark blue or gold long bridesmaid dresses. Don’t forget to take into account the time of the ceremony. A day wedding, for example would call for less formality and therefore more fairy, soft and feminine colours. While for evening receptions you have to consider stronger ones. And finally, make sure that your choice of colours suits the skin tone of your bridesmaids.

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Step 3: Consider Different Dress Styles
Of course, none of your bridesmaids will look the same! Unless you have chosen identical twins, you are going to have to try a variety of styles. What may suit one girl may not suit the other one, so try browsing through a selection of styles that could suit a variety of body shapes.
If you find your bridesmaids have completely different body shapes, why not opt for different dress styles but keep all bridesmaid dresses with the same theme, colour and fabric? This can help match them together as one group but can also make each bridesmaid happy!

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Accessories
As many of us already know when we get a little older, comfort certainly wins over style! When opting for accessories, especially shoes, make sure your bridesmaids are comfortable all day long! Browse for shoes with a lower heel and soft cushions throughout to help support the foot.

Step 5: Be Price Conscious
Every girl who has been a bridesmaid before knows that she needs to cover the cost of the dress. If you are like me and have walked with a few of my besties down the aisle, you would know exactly what I mean. So, consider the lifestyle and finances of each one of your girls. You can find extremely beautiful bridesmaid dresses in an affordable and cheap range of up to £100.

Step 6: Arrange A Girls’ Night In
After you have considered all the above, it is time to share your insights with the bridesmaids and start discussing. What’s better than arranging a girly night in with your bridesmaids? Pizza, pjs and girly movies are the key ingredients to some ultimate wedding planning. Why not try hunt online together to grasp some dress ideas and see if any dress style is popular among the group. You can even have one of the other trials on this night in including hair or makeup. This way, your bridesmaids can get a better idea on how they will look on the day.
We hope you found these tips useful! For getting some ideas check our bridesmaid dresses collection.

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