Bridesmaids Gifts – if you need a little inspiration…

Why give bridesmaid gifts?

Weddings are a momentous occasion and having special people around you helps make sure it’s the happiest day of your life. Your bridesmaids have helped you plan, watched you try on your dress, partied away your hen night, and kept you (pretty much) sane throughout it all. Now it’s time to give back with thoughtful bridesmaids’ gifts that show how much you really appreciate your girls for standing by your side on one of the biggest days of your life.

What are good gift ideas?

The best bridesmaid gift is one chosen with thoughtfulness and care. Usually something personal to be worn answers the brief best. From necklaces to clutch bags, bracelets to slippers, we’ve got lots of great ideas to inspire you. And if accessories just aren’t her thing, we’ve got some great alternatives too.


How much should I spend?

A lot depends on your overall budget for your wedding and of course, how many bridesmaids you’ve got to buy for. If you’ve only got one or two then you can afford to splurge a bit but if theres a cast of thousands in your wedding party then you might need to keep a closer eye on what you’re spending. For larger groups a small individual gift is fine, people do understand weddings are expensive affairs! For a smaller wedding party a gift box full of coordinating goodies is a wonderful way to mark the occasion.

When to give them?

Although traditionally gifts have been given to bridesmaids and parents during the speeches, it can drag out the process and feel a little impersonal. Most couples these days choose to give thank you gifts to their attendants and parents either the night before or on the morning of the wedding. This can be an ideal solution as it gives you a chance to spend some time thanking each person face to face and if the gift is wearable, like jewellery or accessories, they can use it at the ceremony.


Where to buy bridesmaid gifts?

NWS supplier Narborough Hall offers a gorgeous range of personalised gifts and can help you find gifts for your superwomen of weddings. Our unique collection of bridesmaids’ presents will mean you get to say thank you in the most thoughtful way possible.

PS. Don’t forget those other special ladies- mum, mum-in-law, auntie, sister….