Choosing A Wedding Theme

So 2018 has arrived and you are busy planning ideas for your big day!  Where to start? Setting the right tone for your wedding is important; you want it to be memorable and reflect a sense of ‘you’ but more importantly you want it to be a real success.

A wedding theme doesn’t have to be overly ambitious; you might opt for something that works with the venue and surroundings, or simply choose a colour scheme. This year’s colour according to the bridal magazines is ultra violet, so this leaves us plenty of scope to ponder on the possibilities. With this in mind we have put together some trending ideas to help you choose:

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Vintage Chic

This look has been trending for a couple of years but continues to be a popular favourite with its nod to a bygone era. Signified by a more rustic and homely feel coupled with special ‘home made’ touches to lift the heart. Pastels, naturals and muted colours are key to this scheme.


How many of this year’s couples will have been or still are ardent festival goers? The festival theme adopts a casual, flirtatious ambience and the emphasis is on fun and friendship, perfect for a summer wedding and a night to rock out to. Ideas are easy to adapt to suit your particular venue and given Glastonbury is not on this year you might give your guests the festival fix they are craving.

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Check out these brilliant Ideas – offering your guests flip flops and blankets for the night- time festivities!


This may seem a little niche, especially in view of more elderly guests that will probably be attending your festivities but there is no reason why you can’t lend the evening theme to one suited more to your taste. It can actually work quite well coupled with the festival theme for the day. You can go all out on lighting, glow sticks and neon to make the evening festivities really pop. Mood lighting and LED dance floors are perfect to create the complete look.

Uniquely Themed Weddings

Your wedding day is a unique event and many couples decide to make it exactly that by choosing a theme that reflects something about them. It may be a favourite film or book: Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby. Or you might choose to do something seasonal such as a Halloween theme for an autumn wedding.  The possibilities are limitless although again you need to bear in mind you have guests and expecting your 80 year old grandmother to dress up as ‘the Mother of Dragons’ for your Game of Thrones themed wedding might be a step too far!

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Before you make the final decision book some holidays and source wedding fayres in your locality, where you will find plenty of additional ideas and get a better idea of budget to help you make your choice.

Whatever you decide upon, make it your day and enjoy every second.

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