Choosing your Wedding Photographer – Part 4

Steve Fisher from Visual Chaos reveals a few things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Styles

Contemporary – Artistic


This style is a little more difficult to define as it really is a fusion of the previous two. Of course, regardless of the style you choose, the images should be captured with a creative eye and artistic flair. After all, why you would select an experienced professional photographer in the first place? However, ‘art’ is in the eye of the beholder and in this style of photography, in the individual ‘eye’ of the photographer and their ability to find creative environments and create images that appeal to you.


You have to take time to look at their work and discuss with them how they go about getting the images they show you – don’t select based on a few award winning images from the photographer’s website, which may have been snapped by chance anyway. They still need to cover the day for you and provide you with more than just a piece of wall art – however beautiful it may be. A wedding photography artist will be able to show you how these special images are taken and when is the best time during the day to take them. They will tell you what is required from you the bride and groom and how long the session may be.


It is not uncommon to take the ‘Art’ shots after the wedding, when time and attention is more available. A new concept that originated in America and Australia called “Trash-the-Dress” has taken this theme on and developed it further. Trash the dress is where a photographer will take shots contrasting the beauty and extravagance of the wedding dress and bride with completely out of place surrounds and environment. For example a bride running into the sea, maybe jumping into a hotel swimming pool, or simply running across a graveyard at the church or perhaps up against a colourful graffiti wall. In extreme cases some photographers have set fire to dresses (without the bride in it of course) or thrown paint over it, but the serious key point here is to create abstract or extreme wedding art for the ‘X-factor’ shot in the middle of the wedding album. It should turn heads and create a discussion point with your family and friends. If this interests you, then talk it over with your photographer, make sure that you are comfortable with the planned images and that your photographer has the creative abilities you are looking for and think about doing it ‘after’ your wedding day!


Generally speaking, the Contemporary, Artistic wedding style should show a flair for different angles on the day, using the environment to create contrast or harmony (such as using the beauty of the environment to enhance the beauty of the bride), and they should make the space that the subject doesn’t occupy in the image (the negative space) just as important providing a path for the eye to follow. Such contemporary images should provoke memories, emotions, interest, discussion and maybe argument.


More than with any other style, it is important to look at plenty of the photographer’s work, to meet them and speak with them and to see if their approach fits with your plans. They will be working closely with you on the day to set up the images that you want and so you need to be relaxed and happy to work with them. This style is ideal for couples who are looking for their wedding photography to stand out and who want to make the photography a key part of their day.


Steve Fisher is a photographer for Visual Chaos

[email protected]