Everything You Need For a ‘Pimp Your Prosecco’ Wedding Bar… Starting With Prodolce!

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It’s no secret that Prosecco makes an excellent go-to when it comes to selecting your wedding bar drink of choice – after all, nothing says celebration like a bit of bubbly! – but finding a sparkling wine that can cater to the taste of all your guests is typically much easier said than done.

That’s why, this year, The National Wedding Show has partnered with Prodolce, the Italian sparkling wine offering “happiness in a bottle” for you and all your guests to savour and enjoy on your special day.

STEP 1 – Acquire Your Prodolce Sparkling Wine

Crafted using two types of well-known Italian grapes, Garganega and Moscato, Prodolce was created with the intention of catering to a market in search of a slightly sweeter, less acidic and dry tasting wine. Read: this is a wine that is deliciously easy to drink!

When it comes to designing the perfect “Pimp Your Prosecco” Wedding Bar, you’ll want a wine that pairs with a variety of fruits, liqueures, and purees, just as beautifully as it stands alone.

With delicate notes of pear, honeysuckle and amber that compliment any flavour, you can feel confident serving Prodolce in anything from a Groomsman’s Negroni (trademark pending ;)) to a Blushing Bellini or Raspberry Limoncello Spritz.

While the “secco” part of the word Prosecco means “dry” and Proseccos by nature are a dry tasting wine, Prodolce (“dolce” translating literally to “sweet”) combines a lighter acidity with fragrant bubbles that have an immediate impact, without taking over the spirit of the wine. So you can mix, match and ‘Pimp Your Prodolce’ away!

Credit: Alexandra-Walker-Jones

STEP 2 – Offer A Selection of High-quality Ingredients

Depending on your guests’ preferences, and even the time of year or theme of your wedding, you’ll want to offer a selection of mixers, garnishes, and recipes that encourage your guests to dive right in.

Remember: the whole idea behind a “Pimp Your Prodolce” Wedding Bar is to have fun! Not only will providing the option of bespoke bubbly give you the reassurance that your guests are drinking what they like best, but it will serve as a sweet talking point as your friends and family mingle over their customised drink!

– Fruit

Juices and purees like orange and peach are often some of the most popular mixers to serve, but we recommend mixing it up with options like pomegranate or mango if those are more to your fancy!

– Liqueurs

Liqueurs like Triple Sec, creme de cassis, blue curaçao, or limoncello will add an impressive touch to any bar – and especially one serving Prodolce. The understated sweetness of this sparkling wine will draw out the flavours of the liqueur without leaving your cocktails over-bitter or dry. Minimal effort with maximum impact – what more could you ask for?!

– Fizz

Flavoured sparkling waters and light mixers, such as elderflower cordial or fresh lemonade, make gorgeous additions to bubbly while keeping the alcohol content and delicacy of the drink easily controlled. For all the bubbles on your special day, consider incorporating some of these options for extra fizz!

– Garnish

Fresh fruit, edible or frozen flowers, and twisted peels from oranges, lemons, or cucumber, are a few of the easiest ways to make your guests’ personalised Prodolce cocktails POP! If flowers and fruits aren’t your wedding vibe, try adding springs of herbs such as rosemary, lavender or thyme for a sophisticated touch. There’s really no way to go wrong with a garnish, so feel free to let your creativity go wild.

Credit: Alexandra-Walker-Jones

STEP 3 – Style and Accessorise!

When it comes to displaying your “Pimp Your Prodolce” Bar, you want your guests to know exactly what’s going on. Consider using table signage, recipe cards, and labels to guide your attendees towards their perfect drink!

In addition to plenty of glassware for all, thoughtful table supplies can include paper straws, drink stirrers, cocktail napkins, and tongs for any fruit, ice, or garnish. To showcase a selection of the boozy cocktails on offer, attach recipe cards to table number holders or string them along a twine banner.

Another unique idea we absolutely love is to encourage your guests to take polaroids with or of their cocktails, and to have them inscribe their “secret” recipe on the back. You’ll love looking back on some of the crazy creations they came up with – and the combinations are truly endless when there’s the opportunity to “Pimp Your Prodolce!”

Credit: Alexandra-Walker-Jones

Prodolce is produced in the Veneto region of Italy by the Count ‘Piovene’ family, historic producers (500+ years) of only the highest quality sparkling wines, and you can learn more about Prodolce by visiting their website at

Credit: Alexandra-Walker-Jones