Finding the Perfect Rustic Vintage Wedding Furniture

Our Top Tips for Selecting Furniture for the Perfect Shabby Chic Wedding OR Selecting Furniture for the Perfect Shabby Chic Wedding: What You Need to know.

As your wedding day draws closer, you have worked quickly to select your colour palette and bridesmaid dresses for the perfect country styled wedding. Now, all you need is the right furniture to complete the look. Choosing the right furniture sets the right tone for a wedding with rustic and vintage accents. Besides the dresses and your colour palette, furniture is one of the most important elements in a beautiful rustic wedding.

Whats ‘Shabby Chic’ decor?

‘Shabby Chic’ is a modern rustic vintage style of décor. Imagine farm tables paired with Chiavari chairs adorned with understated flowers, such as hydrangea and baby’s breath, surrounded by tall candles and luxurious vintage fabric. Where classic vintage meets rustic, shabby chic provides rich yet understated wedding décor that photographs beautifully for lasting memories. Today, rustic vintage weddings are rising in popularity because the style is classic with a modern twist, and intimate yet affordable.

Select the Right Furniture for Your Rustic Vintage Wedding

When guests arrive, the first thing they notice are the decorations, especially the chairs. Wedding chairs set the tone for the style of the wedding. Even with the perfect details and flower arrangements, the entire look could be ruined with the wrong selection of table and chairs.

A common mistake among brides and grooms is to overlook the importance of the chair and table selection when considering décor. Chairs are one of the first pieces that tie in the overall style of the wedding. If the chairs clash with the décor, it could ruin the atmosphere of the event. The right chairs set the tone for the event by anchoring the key elements of your wedding style and serving as a backdrop for other fine details and décor.

To help you decide on the right chairs for your rustic or vintage wedding, we will take a look at some of the most popular items from our collection, followed by decorating tips for the best shabby chic look for your wedding.

White Wood Chairs - BE Event Hire

Wooden Chairs

Our wooden folding chairs, also known as ‘Wimbledon chairs’, are a classic staple for shabby chic and rustic weddings. These wooden folding chairs are not only popular for outdoor wedding ceremonies, they are also the perfect seating choice for your wedding reception.

Whether your rusting wedding will take place indoors or outdoors, your guests will comfortably sit in style as they watch you and your beloved exchange vows.

These versatile wooden chairs can be folded after the ceremony, clearing out the area for the reception or other activities. This is especially useful if your wedding is being held in a smaller space. Whether you’re lining them up for the ceremony or elegantly seating guests at the table, wooden folding chairs will match any traditional or rustic style wedding.

Our white wooden folding chairs come with a seat padded with faux-leather for extra comfort. This chair style is clean and simple, and easily complements a variety of wedding settings.

For a rustic table, brown wooden folding chairs are a gorgeous and affordable complement to the wood undertones of the table. For versatility and decoration purposes, these comfortable chairs do not have a padded seat pad.

Wooden folding chairs take up less space and fold easily; they can quickly be moved and set up from the indoor or outdoor reception area to the reception hall.

Chiavari Chairs

A classic option, the Chiavari chair is the most popular chair for weddings. Commonly referred to as ‘the Tiffany chair’ and ‘the Classic Wedding Chair’, the Chiavari chair is the preferred choice for traditional weddings as well as working well with rustic country styled and vintage weddings.

Chiavari chairs beautifully complement our rustic trestle tables and limewash distressed trestle tables. Choose the right style and colour for a perfect match, or interesting pieces that complement each other for an eclectic feel. With a faux leather seat pad and white wooden frame, these chairs provide luxurious comfort and timeless style for your guests.

These chairs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use whether they are adorned with flowers and decoration or left bare. Chiavari chairs are available in Gold, Silver and Crystal Resin. For even more options, view our full chair hire selection.

Limewash Chiavari Chairs

The limewash Chiavari chair is an elegant option for any rustic or country style event.

Limewash is an old-world European style finish characterized by earth tones and striking hues.

Limewash Chiavari chairs have a beautiful limewashed wooden frame with a choice of ivory, gold, green, blue, black or red seat pads.

These chairs are versatile with our wide selection of tables, and they stack easily for storage and transport.

The limewash Chiavari Chair adds an elegant touch to your shabby chic wedding. These chairs can also be stacked and stored to clear out the area for other activities.

Rustic Wedding Table & Chairs - BE Event Hire

The Perfect Rustic Table for Banquet-Style Seating

The tables are the center of attention at your reception, so choose wisely.

The cool wood tones can complement any wedding palette without overwhelming the other decorations. Skip the outdated tablecloth and enjoy a rustic wedding with beautiful clusters of flowers and tall candles instead.

With its beautiful wood craftsmanship, a table runner, some centerpieces and a few candles are all you need to create an elegant reception. Think vintage, classic, and chic!

The Classic Wooden Rustic Trestle Table

The Wooden rustic trestle table, featuring tongue and groove construction, is available in two measurements: 6′ x 2’6″ and 6′ x 3, with folding legs for easy storage.

This rustic table allows for banquet style seating with 3 people on either side of each table.

The Limewash Style Distressed Table: A Shabby Chic Modern Favorite

For a lighter finish, consider the limewash style distressed table. Matched with limewash Chiavari Chairs, this table sets the perfect tone for your rustic wedding.These tables have been painted and then sanded for a distressed look with a shabby chic feel.

With foldable legs for easy storage, our limewash style distressed table measures 6’x 2’6″ and features sturdy construction.

A distressed lime washed trestle table goes perfectly with either white wooden folding chairs and limewash Chiavari chairs.

Rustic Wedding - BE Event Hire

Pulling the Look Together for an Unforgettable Vintage Rustic Wedding

First, consider the colour palette of your event. If your colors are cooler tones with lighter accents, our rustic table and Chiavari chairs or brown wooden chairs will provide a rich complement to your palette.

If your palette contains warm tones with vibrant hues, a distressed limewash table paired with limewash Chiavari chairs or white folding chairs will accentuate your vibrant color palette. Based on the color palette and accessories, you can select your tables and chairs to complement each other.

Tips for a Cohesive Rustic Look

  • Avoid large tablecloths. They will ruin the rustic image and create an outdated feel. Instead, adorn the table with flowers, candles and a table runner. Check out our gallery for inspiration here.
  • Arrange decorations towards the center of the table for uncluttered visual appeal with space for wedding accessories. Guest will have plenty of room for dining and good conversation!
  • Add pretty flowers, foliage, or other decorations to your chairs. Even if you decide to use white wooden folding chairs, select complementary decorations to tie to the back of the chair.
  • For lighter palettes, consider the limewash Chiavari chairs or white wooden chairs paired with our limewash table. Our beautiful rustic tables paired with Chiavari chairs or wooden chairs will provide a beautiful backdrop for an elegant rustic wedding.

Wedding Ceremony White Wooden Chairs - BE Event Hire

Get the Right Guidance for Furniture Hire

Planning a wedding involves so many details, and it can be stressful rushing around trying to get things done. The last thing you need is for your event to be delayed due to wedding furniture delivery and set-up. To make sure you get the best furniture and decor inspiration for your wedding.

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