First Dance Hacks For The Showstoppers & Skeptics

If you are uncertain or even dreading the idea of your first dance, you are not alone. The majority of people may describe themselves as rhythmless, uncoordinated, underconfident… The list goes on of reasons individuals may feel less enthused about this newlywed tradition. As your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, there should be nothing about it that you are not looking forward to. Here is some advice to help ensure your first dance is enjoyable for you and your guests, no matter how simple or extravagant you wish to make it.

Preparation is key

If you have never had any dance instruction, how can you be expected to know how to dance? Gone are the days where we learn to waltz in the school gym (sad face) so a lot of couples resort to the awkward, fumbly sway which no one wants. Lack of knowledge is responsible for most dance floor fears so even the slightest amount of preparation (either virtual or in person classes) will be of benefit to instill both skill and confidence for your first dance.

When to start learning and how many lessons you will require

Both are dependent on many factors such as the length of your song, if you would prefer to dance to the entirety of your music or just a portion of it, the amount of rehearsal time invested, the speed at which you pick up steps, whether you are opting for an elaborate choreography or just desire a few coordinated moves etc. The more time you have, the BETTER as you want ample opportunity to create solid muscle memory, ensuring you don’t have to try and recall steps on the night, as by that point they should feel and appear effortless. Starting sooner rather than later (especially if dance is a new skill for you), keeping your lessons close together at the beginning of the process and rehearsing between your sessions will all speed up your rate of progression, positively impacting the number of lessons needed to achieve your dance goals.

The song

Choose something that is meaningful to you and your partner, no matter how unconventional you feel it may be. Some of the most successful and memorable first dances are to unique tracks that you wouldn’t necessarily find on Google’s list of popular wedding dance songs. If you do not have a special tune in mind, think of the overall vibe you aim to create… Do you prefer upbeat music or something a bit more chill? Are you going to kickstart the party portion of your wedding and use your dance to entice everyone to join you on the floor after your moment, or do you want your guests to weep with heart-eyed, happy tears? Consider artists you both like or even a favourite film you share to help gather ideas. If you require assistance deciding, take a short list of some options along to your lesson and a good instructor should be able to help you narrow down your selection.

Be mindful of what you will be wearing

Safety and comfortability are of the utmost importance during your wedding dance and outfit choices can sometimes impact mobility, restricting certain moves (more so if you decide upon an intricate choreography). This of course can be taken into consideration when creating your bespoke routine and dance steps can always be altered so just alert your instructor to any limitations you have movement wise (discretely if keeping a surprise from your partner).

Fittings are a great opportunity for you to experiment with the range of motion allowable and note how your garment feels (don’t forget to take some photos too) so you are prepared. For practices thereafter, try wearing something as similar as possible to what your attire will be on the day (footwear included) so you can get accustomed to how your movement could be slightly altered and adapt accordingly.

Prepare your suppliers

Let your photographer and videographer in on the plan! You may even provide them with a sneak peek rehearsal video so they can arrange how to best capture your dance. Whomever is conducting your music (whether a DJ/band) should also be made aware of anything they can do to help execute a smooth transition both into and following your dance. Any extras, such as confetti cannons and special effects, ought to be organized in advance so that your team of professionals are all on the same page and can assist in guaranteeing the intended impact.

The memories you create during your dance journey, from rehearsals to the actual main event, will stay with you forever. Many claim their lessons to be a favourite part of the wedding planning process, even those who were uncertain or apprehensive at the start. Not only do you get to learn a new transferrable skill with your loved one, but your lessons provide a fun, unique date night activity to escape the pressures of everyday life. Enjoy each second and please always remember that you as the couple are the priority to please on your big day. If you have any questions or are interested in any alternative wedding dance related services (private dance, father-daughter/mother-son, bridal party flash mobs etc.) please visit