Five Hacks To Keep Your Honeymoon Going Once Back To Reality

Your honeymoon is the icing on your wedding cake you’ll want to last forever, so here are our five hacks to keep your honeymoon going when you are back to reality…

1. Wear one perfume on your honeymoon 

We know it’s super-hard, but when the holiday packing list looms, it’s time to choose your main holiday scent. Just like your wedding day, you’ll want a scent that will take you back to that special occasion, so pick a perfume you can wear from sunrise to sunset.

Our top tip? Pick a scent you’ve not worn before, and when you smell it once you’re home, you’ll be reminded of those incredible memories.

2. Spray your clothes wen you get home 

One of the best ways to hang onto your honeymoon is to spray your clothes when you’re back home (after washing them, of course). Every time you wear them, you’ll be reminded of exploring local towns, strolling along the beach or lounging by the pool. Blissful, eh? Remember to spritz your clothes from an arm’s length away for maximum effect!

3. Spray the bed sheets

Spray your bed sheets once your home! Not only will it remind you of those incredible memories at the end of a long day at the office, but it will also help you sleep more peacefully, if you’ve been on a different time zone tackle that jetlag.

4. … and your suitcase

It may sound strange, but make sure you spray the suitcase you took away too. Why? Well because each time you open it, you’ll always be reminded of your incredible time away. Plus, you’re practically winning at life your clothes come out your case smelling lush!

5. Buy a mini 30ml bottle of your honeymoon scent

Grab a mini, or fill a spray with your honeymoon scent to pop in your bag when you get home. Your new pocket companion will be ready to spray and remind you of your honeymoon throughout the day. If you’re looking for a new perfume, we’re digging Versace Bright Crystal for you ladies, a fresh and floral scent with Yuzu, Magnolia and Lotus Flower to leave you feeling sensual and glamorous! For you guys, turn up the heat with Versace Eros Flame with its fiery lemon and pepper.

 Our tip – Our Travalo’s are a great way to stay sweet-smelling all day. Pop your fragrance into one of these and keep in your beach bag or pocket to top up your scent all day.


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