Five Reasons To… Get A Wedding Video

Shun the polished, staged shoots and capture the fun and personality of your day

When I think back to my wedding day, it sped by in such a blur, I’m so glad that we got a wedding video.

When we were planning, we knew we didn’t want to go with one of those staged, overly polished, cinema style videographers. It’s just not what we were about. We’d hired a photographer and told her to just take observational photos (mostly because my family look like they’re in pain when they’ve been forced to smile for the camera – sorry Morrey’s, you know it’s true) but were at their most gorgeous when they were goofing around with each other.

So, we invested in a 4K camera and a couple of HD cameras and asked our friends and family to film the day… and the rest is history! We got to see our wedding from the perspective of our guests, they captured some of the most hilarious moments (ones that only friends can get) and some very questionable dance moves. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the wedding and we still watch back the party regularly!

Anyone who’s got married will tell you, the day goes by so quick. You’ll want to relive it (over and over again). Here are our top five reasons to get a Wedding video:

1. Remember how excited you were in the morning?

Oh, the butterflies! Of course I’d like a glass of bubbles at 8am!


2. See what your other half and their gang were up to in the morning

Pretending they’re Gordon Ramsey, getting locked out of the venue and just being awesome and greeting the guests – they do A LOT that we don’t realise.

Other half

3. You can watch your ceremony back – faults and all

Because everyone calls their husband by the wrong name as they’re saying their vows, no? Yeah, me neither…

Watch the ceremony back

4. You get to see yourself looking all gorgeous in your wedding getup

And didn’t you all look fabulous!

Looking gorgeous

5. Watch your awesome dance moves all over again

That’s right, awesome. You know you’ve got the moves.

Awesome dance moves

We hope we’ve convinced you to have a wedding video, you can check out Rockstar Wedding if you’re interested in filming your own wedding video.