Five Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Wedding Cake

Choosing the right designer or bakery to create a your wedding cake can be a challenge. Not only do you need to find that special bakery to make your dream wedding cake, you have to decide on a design! And with the array of options on Pinterest this can just be a minefield of confusion for many Brides and Grooms.
So here we have devised a list of 5 steps to take, to help make those important decisions.

1. Decide on your guest numbers

If you are serving dessert as part of a three or four course menu offered by the venue, then a smaller wedding cake with less tiers will suffice to feed your guest. These portions will be referred to as coffee sized portions. If the cake is set as the main dessert for the evening, then a larger cake with additional tiers will be advised.

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2. Decide on your wedding theme and whether the cake will reflect that

A good wedding cake designer will be able to take ideas from your mood board or Pinterest board, and amalgamate your favourite elements to make one complete design. However, before meeting with your baker, have a good idea of what style of cake you would like. If your day is relaxed and has a rustic feel, then half dressed, naked and buttercream cakes are always very fitting. You might want something more fun and delectable like a buttercream cake finished with drips of chocolate and pilled with macarons and meringues. Or for a more formal setting, go with a timeless design; a fondant finished cake with piped pearls and sugar flowers.

3. Decide on your budget

Wedding cakes are the one cost that many couples do not account for. A wedding cake is a bespoke piece of edible art, and the price will reflect that. The average wedding cake budget is £600. Buttercream finished cakes will typically cost less than a fondant finished cake, and the use of edible silver and gold leaves, sugar flowers and large amounts of piping work will increase the cost of your cake substantially.

4. Decide on your potential cake flavours

The options are endless for cake flavour options, and this is where different bakeries will stand out with their offerings. As an experienced wedding cake designer, I have three very easy steps for choosing your flavours;
1. Choose a flavour that you and your partner really love and have this as your top tier. Ask the venue to save the top tier for you, and take this to enjoy in your hotel room on the night of your wedding.
2. If you have small guests at your wedding, you cannot go wrong with choosing a chocolate sponge for one of your cake tiers (kids love chocolate!).
3. Choose a flavour for one of your tiers that is fit for the season. For winter weddings, how about a Chai spiced sponge, or apple cake with cinnamon buttercream. For summer weddings, lemon sponge cakes with berry compotes are a perfect combination.
Many bakers will allow you to choose a different flavour for each tier, so have fun with these.

5. Go and meet with your cake designer

You can find wedding cake specialists at wedding shows, online supplier sites and through a quick Google search. Take a look at their portfolio, speak to them, and then request a cake consultation to sample their bakes. This meeting will help you to make a decision in whether they are the right baker for you. At this point you would have done your research, you will know whether their services are within your budget, what style of cakes they make, and if they have the flavour menu for you.

The process doesn’t have to be daunting at all. In fact, it’s the fun part, because who doesn’t love cake?

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