Floral & Decor Trends To Look Out For In 2023

Lockdown changed the way we view weddings, as it’s really motivated us to focus on detail and personalisation. Weddings are centered around the unwavering love of a couple, the unity of families and the relief that months of stress, logistical coordination, and clashes with future in-laws are coming to an end. And we get it. From the moment one of you says yes, you’re sucked into the complexities of the wedding industry with the supernatural force of that Dyson you’re eyeing for your registry. But there are a few bright spots in the planning process that remind us this is actually supposed to be fun. (You’re hosting a party, after all!) Enter these modern, yet meaningful, wedding trends that make the day feel like yours, from unique welcome signs to pops of colour. We promise no one has to toss a garter.

Petite bouquets

According to Pinterest Trends, pinners are seeking out petite bouquets in place of wild, abundant arrangements we’ve seen in years past. These chic handhelds are made up of dainty blooms, like lily of the valley, lilac, astilbe and lavender. And while pared-back florals look elegant, they’re also practical: Wedding dresses aren’t cheap, so why not make yours the focal point as you step down the runway aisle toward your beloved?


Subtle pops of colour

If you can’t quite do the all-white trend and want to add just a touch of colour into your florals, another trend coming through for 2023 is to add colour to contrast against the more classic neutrals that never go out of fashion. Adding colour symbolises joy and new beginnings, so add your favourite hues with confidence.

Grand arrangements

Although the trend for bridal bouquets is to go smaller, when it comes to the floral arrangements elsewhere on the big day the prediction is the bigger the better. Sweeping floor arrangements, will peak in 2023, along with dramatic arrangements of different heights and vessels on tables, creating interest to the eye. If you like the idea of a grand floral installation but don’t have the Kardashian budget opt for just one flower cloud or floral arch.


Add some texture

One of the strongest trends we will see echoing through 2023 is texture and pattern. It will be fun to see colourful motifs, patterns, and textures show up everywhere from flowers, place settings, dance floors, stationery, and even wardrobe choices.

Creative wedding signs

Gone are the days when your only stationery and signage options were to have simple flat-printed designs in frames stationed around the special day. Bespoke wedding signs are having a moment and we’re here for it. Especially when it comes to seating charts and escort card displays, couples are turning these wedding signage elements into full backdrops that almost feel like a step-and-repeat. “Signage is the first thing that your guests will see or look for when they navigate an event space,” notes Lin. “Why not set the tone by making a statement with your creative signage or seating chart? It can double as a photo backdrop if you want to create memorable moments throughout the space.


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