Four Alternatives to a Live Band at Your Wedding


Live bands at weddings can be great fun as they get your guests moving and dancing the night away. But choose the wrong ensemble and your night could end up on the wrong side of cheese. We also can’t ignore the fact that the best bands can be super expensive. With more and more couples looking to break wedding party traditions, have you considered doing things differently? If you are the sort of couple that likes to stand out and want to create a unique wedding experience for your guests, here are four alternatives to a live band.

  1. DJ: We all know that a great DJ can get your guests up on their feet, dancing to their favourite songs and partying into the small hours. It’s certainly a solid option, but also a little bit predictable. This blog post is about ‘alternative’ ideas after all, so if you’re looking to truly break the norm, then keep reading!


2. Crowdsourced Playlist: Now, before we get into it, you’re probably wondering what a crowdsourced playlist is right? A crowdsourced playlist is a playlist filled with pre-selected songs selected by the people who’ll be sharing your special day – your friends and family. This is a great way to get your guests involved as they can pick their favourite songs. The only thing that is slightly unexciting is the fact that you will be leaving the playlist to run all night, which can easily turn to background music.


3. Karaoke: Why not take the previous idea a step further, and rather than letting your guests choose the songs – let them sing them too! Karaoke is always a blast, especially with the people you love. It’s a great way to have some fun on your big day, and certainly something you don’t see too often at weddings. But as entertaining as this is, not everyone is confident enough to get up and sing. What’s more, there’s always the risk of somebody tone deaf hogging the mic!


4. Jamaoke: Never heard of Jamaoke before? Here’s an explanation for you… Jamaoke is a brand new concept that takes karaoke to the next level, giving you and your guests the chance to actually be the band! Imagine the game Guitar Hero but in real life, where even complete beginners get to perform on real instruments and sound amazing from the first beat. Powered by some clever technology, players only have to play one note at a time and the rest gets magically filled in. Each person gets a screen which shows them which note to play, and don’t worry – they don’t need to read music as there’s a colour-coded system in place. Guests of all ages and abilities can take to the stage, creating a truly memorable wedding party. Best of all, singing is optional, so nobody needs to feel embarrassed about taking part.


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