Getting Married Abroad with Golden Apple Weddings

Things you should consider about your wedding abroad

If you wonder why more and more couples decide to have a wedding abroad, then you just have to consider how many advantages this decision has!  What girl hasn’t dreamed of getting married on a secluded beach to the love of her life, exchanging vows during sunset?

In the recent years, many couples have turned this vision into a reality! Weddings abroad have become very popular and very easy to be accomplished thanks to specialized destination wedding planners!

Still hesitating? Let’s raise some important issues that will probably convince you!

Most of you are worried about what the weather is going to be like on your wedding day. Choosing a summer destination can guarantee that the sky will be clear blue for this special event of yours! Did you know that in Greek mythology, Rhodes is also called ‘’the Island of the sun” ? That’s because it is one of the sunniest places in the world!

The phrase “wedding day” gets a totally different meaning when you decide to have a ceremony away from home!

Do not doubt that the people who will travel in order to be by your side, are the people that you really love and they love you back! This is the perfect recipe for an unforgettable wedding trip!

For a number of days, you and your partner will have the leading role of an endless party! A party that is planned according to your personal taste and not with standards and rituals established by other people!

Less budget… greatest experience! The stress which is caused by the configuration of the budget of a wedding in the UK can disappear when you take a look at the budget of your wedding abroad! Although you will find it tremendously reduced, you will be amazed by the things you can do! An overall setting decorated in a magical scenery like a fairytale! A day that you will always remember!

 Good morning Mr & Mrs!

After having some days dedicated to your wedding, here comes the morning when you are “Husband & Wife”. Voila!  Your honeymoon starts here! No more packing and traveling! You are already on your honeymoon suite, enjoying the advantages of being newlyweds!

In order to be sure that everything will be exactly as you wished for and even better the most important tip is to hire a wedding planner! You don’t want to spend a year guessing if the suppliers you have chosen really exist and if they have the experience they are claiming they do!  An important detail you should deeply consider is working with the locals! The local wedding planners are experts as they know the wedding locations, they speak the language and they have the appropriate local sources and suppliers for your wedding! That ensures that you will have the best partners in the best deals!

They will lead you to hidden treasures for your wedding location… places off the bitten track! Don’t forget that your wedding day is a lifetime experience that only happens once so you don’t want to have a ceremony where your moment is wedged in a busy schedule of a cliché place!

They will show you perfect venues that are ready to host the most amazing day of your life and you will have as much time as you need and deserve for this special occasion!

Once your wedding and honeymoon are over, you will start your new life together knowing that you explored your selected location in the best possible way and you experienced an amazing and unforgettable wedding for you and your friends and family!


Katia Stavroulaki is a successful wedding planner and you can meet her at stand H12, at The National Wedding Show in London Earl’s Court.