Getting married in Italy: your questions answered

Planning a wedding abroad is a popular option for many British couples and, with its stunning landscapes and warmer climate, Italy is high up on the list of destinations. Destination wedding planner, Angela Salzano explains some of the practicalities of planning a wedding in Italy.

Where can you organise a civil ceremony?

Unlike other countries, you cannot hold a civil ceremony anywhere in Italy. Civil ceremonies can only be held in locations authorised by the local municipality for the celebration of weddings. Don’t worry, there are many authorised places where you can tie the knot and hold your reception.

To get married in Italy, you need certain documents:

  • • Certificate of No Impediment (UK Citizens only)
  • • Original Birth Certificate which include the names of both your parents
  • • Passport
  • • Photocopies of the picture page of the passports for your two witnesses

All documentation must be translated by an official translator and must be original or certified copies. The Certificate of No Impediment must not be older than 6 months. The cost of obtaining the correct documentation and performing a civil ceremony in Italy varies depending on the municipality and tends to be from £1500-£2000.

Wedding ceremony Italy

When planning a wedding abroad, many couples choose a symbolic ceremony. A symbolic ceremony gives you the opportunity to express your personality, your tastes and your values at a lesser cost.

What is a symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony is the promise of love between two people. A symbolic ceremony offers you a lot of flexibility on location, many choose to have the ceremony outdoors in beautiful chateau grounds or on a beach.

The actual ceremony is the same as a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and exchange of rings. The only difference is that it is not legally binding. You can opt to get legally married in your home country and have a symbolic ceremony in Italy. If you prefer, your wedding guests don’t even need to know this is a symbolic ceremony. About 30% of our couples decide to have a symbolic ceremony.

Flower girl wedding abroad

What are the advantages of a symbolic ceremony?

As there are not as many legal stipulations, there is less to consider which can be a great help when planning a wedding in a foreign country.

  • • No legal documents are required
  • • Save time and money by obtaining documentation in your home country
  • • Wider choice of ceremony venues

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