Growing your Hair for your Wedding Day

 TNWS supplier SHOW Beauty give specialist tips on how to get those luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of on your wedding day.

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Many of us dream of having long, flowing ethereal hair for our wedding, so we grilled London-based trichologist and specialist in hair growth Kate Spinoza for her holistic advice on how to accelerate growth through nutrition, lifestyle, styling and general hair care on the run up to your big day.

Stimulate your scalp
Extra blood flow to the scalp will increase circulation and therefore foster hair growth. To do this, simply place your fingertips on your scalp and massage in small circles. Work your way around your head doing this for five minutes to stimulate follicles.

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Up your nutrition
Your hair’s health is a direct indicator of what’s going on in your body. If you are eating a balanced diet and are healthy, you can expect hair to grow around half an inch a month. If you feel yours grows considerably less, take a look at your diet. B vitamins, biotin and folate are vital to fuel healthy growth. Find B6 in foods like kale and broccoli, b12 in fish, dairy and nut milks, folate in beetroot, berries, whole grains and lentils, and biotin in almonds, peanuts, avocado and salmon.

Good supplements
For an extra boost if you just can’t pack all the above into your daily diet, try an organic multi-vitamin containing key nutrients which will support all your systems as well as boosting your hair.

Be an all-rounder
In addition to eating well and taking the right supplements, some simple changes in your exercise routine will help improve your chances for longer, stronger hair.  A lot of brides on the run up to their wedding exercise too much which puts a strain on their body. Make sure you keep it varied and don’t push yourself too hard. Smoking will also hamper growth, as will stress – Yoga and meditation can really help those who suffer from hair thinning.

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Be gentle
It may sound obvious, but not being rough with your hair as you’re growing it is important. Avoid overheating the hair as much as possible to reduce damage and risk of breakage, don’t use chemical treatments at home, and try to cover your hair when you go in the sun. If you wear a weave, don’t leave it in for longer than two months. Finally, don’t avoid the hairdresser – consistent and regular trims will stop the ends from thinning and appearing transparent.

Strengthen your existing hair
The best way to do this is by choosing the right products to fortify hair. A strengthening shampoo and conditioner along with a weekly intense moisture mask will really set hair in good stead to grow longer and look healthy and glossy ready for your big day!

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