Hair’s to the perfect bridal ‘do

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1. Wash your hair the day before. Yes… before!

It is every woman’s dream to look and feel amazing on her wedding day. From the stunning hairstyle to the elegant nails to the fine jewellery and makeup on fleek! Having the perfect wedding glam can be a daunting experience for brides, most importantly, choosing and maintaining the perfect hair style can be the biggest challenge of all. Sit back… Relax… We have come to the rescue the brides-to-be with every ‘glam’ tip you need to know for your wedding day hairstyle!

First things first, you must employ the right hair preparation routine for your updo, in order for your hair to stay intact and remain protected. Every bride to be must know that washing your hair the day before your big day and steering clear of styling products, gives you the best results. You must be wondering how? This is why: Washing your hair the day before allows the natural oils to keep the hair in place for your wedding updo. Unlikely with freshly washed hair as the silky clean texture unable the curls to stay in place.

“When the bride washes her hair the day before the wedding, another tip is not to put any conditioner. If your hair is too dry, then you can add conditioner on the ends of the hair only”
Olga Lungu, My Beauty Squad Stylist


2. Protect your locks

Wedding glam sessions usually take hairstylists a few hours to complete, with intensive use of heat – including straighteners or curling irons. It may be ideal to avoid these tools; however, they are essential for achieving your perfect wedding look. Heat-related damages can range from fizziness and spit ends, to dryness – which are definitely things you don’t need once the wedding is over. The tip is to go heat-free one week prior to the wedding and use a hydrating hair product range.

Heat protectants are the holy grail for protecting your hair against damages, whilst fighting frizz, providing extra hold, adding moisture and enhancing shine for your luscious wedding locks.

3. Style your hair

Finding the perfect hairstyle can definitely be chore, hence why we have broken down the selection criteria. The road becomes clearer once you’ve settles on whether to become a princess and leave your hair out to flow with the wind, or to become an elegant queen with a gorgeous up do or bun. Brides often reach a conclusion by considering the style of the dress, as well as their comfortability.

However, we suggest that it is important to consider the longevity, in order to preserve your emotions, your glam and your money! Leaving your hair down is great, until the sweat and wind leaves your hair in a disaster by the end of the night, hence why we suggest that a princess look should be followed by a lovely updo once it’s time to party. An updo is always a safe choice for keeping your bridal do intact throughout the festivities – without having to worry about dropping curls or stiffness. Its’s also important to take full advantage of your bridal trial, to see what works best for your type of hair.

Take a look at these gorgeous updo hair inspirations…

4. Secure your locks!

Lastly, your wedding day’ do needs an effective holding spray to keep the slay in place from the beginning till the end. The trick to your ideal holding spray is to find one that consists of right balance of being strong enough to hold your locks, but light enough to give a natural finish. Avoid full strength sprays that leave your hair hard as a rock and go for medium finish ones followed by a shine mist.

Now you know the essentials for achieving the perfect glam on your special day!

Written by Angel Odumosu from My Beauty Squad

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