Have you been tempted by an unbelievably low priced wedding gown online?

Have you been tempted by an unbelievably low priced wedding gown online?
You’re thinking it must be the same designer gown you have just tried on in a local boutique priced at £800. Surely its just coming directly from the factory and why would you pay more for it in a shop?

Please don’t be fooled by these cheap deals online, if it seems too good to be true it probably is.
Don’t think that the dress you are buying for £150 is the same dress you have just tried on in a shop for £800. They have simply just stolen the photograph from the designer and you are buying a cheap knock off.

Anyone that has been to try on wedding gowns will know you need to try on a number of styles before you find a style that suits you and you need the expertise of a trained sales assistant to advise you.
Visit a few boutiques and see the quality of genuine bridal gowns. You are paying for the service as well as the gown.

If you have seen a designers photo online and think it’s the real deal then contact the designer head office yourselves and ask if they supply that website with their product. You are not cutting out the middle man by buying from these sites. Genuine Bridalwear designers and manufacturers never sell online in this way.

Watch out for .co.uk websites, they are almost always still Chinese based. Also some bridal shops are ordering in cheap copies, be careful. Don’t rely on just sending it back and getting a refund if you don’t like it. Most brides never get a refund or have to pay a fortune to return the dress to China themselves. If they have a UK address, be careful, most of these are fake too!

Remember, if you are unsure to part with your money then do your research, follow Brides Beware on Facebook. Get in touch with us and ask our advice, or come and see at our stand …..

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