Wedding Dress Shopping – How do i know what bridal shop to visit?

There are so many bridal shops around it’s hard to know which ones to visit and where to start!

When looking for bridal shops,  Google and social media will become your best friends. It’s the best place to start your research.

How do you know what to look for in a good bridal shop? Just ask yourself the following questions:

Are they well established?
Do they have good recent reviews?
Do they have a good social media presence?
Do they have a good collection of high quality designers? (and are listed on the designer’s pages as being official stockists)
Do they have a realistic and good selection of dress sizes in their store?
Do they have their own reputable seamstresses? (Not a necessity, it just cuts down on the headache of trying to find your own)
Do they have an approachable attitude?
Do they have some sort of insurance policy?
Where are the dressing rooms? Are they private and do they have enough room to take people with me?
Do I need an appointment?
Does it have a boutique environment? (superstores tend to be less personal, boutiques give you a more personal experience)

You will have your own needs and wants from a bridal store,
these are just examples of what you should think about.

Look out for these warning signs:

More recent bad reviews than good ones!
Non-existent website or no social media presence
When you Google a bridal shop and it says it’s somewhere different to where it actually is
If their Facebook page has 53,000 likes, but hardly any likes on their posts… are those 53,000 page likes genuine?
If someone has just posted a review on their page but they got married 4 years ago, or they live on the other side of the world …are their reviews genuine?
Beware of shops who say they stock a certain designer but they aren’t listed as stockist on the designers page. Every designer puts their authorised stockists on their websites.
Say they have 500 dresses, but are housed in a small shop. Their dresses will be crammed in which means they won’t be well looked after. If that’s how they treat their own dresses, how will they look after yours?

So remember: listen to word of mouth, use Google and use social media. You will soon be able to eliminate which shops you don’t want to visit, before you make the journey to them.

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